Monday, December 29, 2008

Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik Breakfast at RM2.00, Kepong Baru Wet Market Mamak Stall

The Kepong Baru wet market were bustling with activities last week during the Chinese Winter Solstice festival. Housewife and also maybe “househusbands” were busy buying goodies and raw ingredients to prepare a feast for the family to celebrate this festival. The mamak stall that is located on the same building as the Royal House Restaurant, were packed with patrons, having their early morning breakfast. This Mamak stall share the same corner as a Chinese mee (noodle) stall, so you have a choice of Mamak fare or Chinese food. As I was rushing home to cook after my marketing rounds at the market, I decided to have a quick breakfast of pre packed nasi lemak and a small cup of teh tarik. The nasi lemak is of a spicy one, not the sweet type. The sambal (chili with shrimp paste) is not thick but taste quite good as it has been absorbed into the creamy nasi lemak rice. The nasi lemak accompanied by anchovies, roasted peanuts and a quarter hard boil egg cost RM1.00 per packed. I down every bits of the nasi lemak with a cup of refreshing hot teh tarik (milk tea) that cost me RM1.00. So, total bill came up to be RM2.00. Simple, good and cheap morning breakfast!
The scene at the restaurant....................................My nasi lemak and teh tarik.
Map showing the location of the Mamak Stall in the same building as Royal House Restaurant, Kepong Baru Wet Market.

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Anonymous said...

Already finished makan baru take photo or is it so little? For me, I think I will need two-three packets. LOL!!! I love nasi lemak...but morning, must have kopi-o kau otherwise my eyes cannot open!

Josephine said...

I always have the problem of finding a parking lot there.
normally where do u park?

Pete said...

STP : Quite a small packet. A bit messed up because I did not open it properly lorrr! LOL

Josephine : I normally park in a bit far away in the housing estate and walk there. Go early is ok, lots of parking.

Anonymous said...

I love nasi lemak, but unlike cikgu, I can only eat one pack.... else, stomach will kembang like phython and wants to go back to sleep!

Kikey Loo said...

the nasi lemak i had in US so bad.. :p

Pete said...

cleff : Cikgu very terror want, I think he can sapu 5 packets of this nasi lemak at one got lorr! Talking about Cikgu, there is a very popular Nasi Lemak Cikgu in Kelana Jaya, have you tried it?

Kikey : Probably very hard to find pandan leaves there, so not nice lorr!

foongpc said...

Wow! So cheap and nice! : )

uniqu3 said...

Hi Pete,

thx for your comment on my blog and i added your link :-)

Cecile said...

Pete, thanks for visiting my blog :-), sure we can link ex.

i lived in malaysia before, in K.L. i love their foods and missing them a lot, thanks for posting these pictures, at least i can see them still' though they are making me hungry hehehe, pls check my foodie blog at

thanks again...