Sunday, December 28, 2008

KIRC Fishing Competition at Pusat Rekreasi Memancing Seri Bayu Tekala, Semenyih| Assam Pedas Belida Fish.

Last month, I participated in the KIRC Fishing Competition at Pusat Rekreasi Memancing Seri Bayu Tekala at Semenyih. I woke up very early but was late for the competition because my little baby tagged along with my family for this event; took some time to pack the baby stuff. It was quite a long drive to this fishing location that passed through the Nirvana Memorial Park and also the Sungai Tekala waterfall. When I reached the place, many contestants had already hooked up some big fishes. Sigh, I can’t wait to get my fishing rod ready for my first cast! The night before the competition, I tried to make my special top secret ‘dedak’ (fishing flour made from chicken feed), by adding some stuff from my kitchen. However, later I found out that the fishes here are fed with the common dedak and they are more familiar to this type of food. Since the competition was not over yet and not too late for me to ask for some common ‘hong dedak’ from my friends for me to try it out. I have brought along some life freshwater prawns with the intention of catching the pacu fish but I didn’t know that this pond was filled with belida fishes as well. My first hooked up was a small belida, around 8” in length. The dedak I used manage to grab the attention of a very big fish which nearly pulled my fishing rod into the water. Luckily I managed to grab my fishing rod on time. If not I have to say bye bye to my new Daiwa fishing gears! However, the fish managed to break my 30pound lead line and got away. As I was also using live prawns, which is belida fish favourite food, I managed to catch 4 belida but the fifth one got away when I was about to land it. The first prize winner for biggest catch category caught a patin fish that weight 7.3kg and for the most catch category winner caught 12 fishes. I would like to thank the KIRC organising committee for organising such a wonderful event. I will be back again next year, this time I am very sure I can win the first prize! Nice fishing pond.......................................................My first belida catch!

Another belida fish again!

The heaviest catch contestant in action, tying to land his patin
Weighing the biggest catch...................................The winner posing with his patin fish!
What did I do with the belida that I caught at Pusat Rekreasi Memancing Seri Bayu Tekala? I cook them in nice assam pedas soup. Taste very good with scalded bihun (rice vermicelli) or steamed rice. Yummy!
Assam Pedas Ikan Belida, spicy and tasty!


Calvin Soo KJ said...

why your fish skinny like you? hahahaha.....sorry bro *wipes tears* just joking ya....hahahahaha

Pete said...

Calvin : Calvin, come to think of it druing the competition the skinny guys caught skinny fishes, the chubby guys caught fat fishes and the tall guys caught long fishes....eels...hahha!

Anonymous said...

*snarl at Calvin* oihh... I oso skinny-kids in school used to call me lizard, you know? Den if I go fishing, then I get a lizard ah? LOL.

*sigh* Pete, your assam pedas makes me miss my late grandma. :-( She used to cook assam pedas for the of her signature dishes... :-( *wail* where to get assam pedas in KL not much people know what the hell is assam pedas oso :-(

Pete said...

Cleff : Ha Ha, cicak......ohhhh cool cool Cleff, just joking lah!
I haven't come across any restaurant in KL selling this type of Assam Pedas. Maybe next time I belanja you Assam Pedas at Peteformation Cafe, LOL!

rapi said...

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