Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Little Nyonya {小娘惹} Original Ending Suppose to be Episode 30? Ending Theme Song -保温 and Theme Song with Lyrics

The Little Nyonya is one of the hottest running series produced by Mediacorp Channel 8 in Singapore. The show stars cute and pretty Jeanette Aw. Some parts of the show was filmed in Penang and Malacca in Malaysia. Jeanette As plays both the characters of Huang Juxiang (黄菊香, a mute and deaf girl) and Yamamoto Yueniang (山本月娘, the daughter of Huang Juxiang) in this show. The original show suppose to have 30 episodes of The Litte Nyonya, it has been extended to 34 episodes because of overun in filming. This is the clip from the supposely original ending episode 30 of the show. Enjoy the video! This is The Little Nyonya Theme {小娘惹} song with Lyrics. Nice song! This is The Little Nyonya ending theme song


suituapui said...

Ah! I would love to watch this series. Wonder if can buy dvd set or not in the shops. I have the book by Chin Kee Onn "Twilight of the nyonyas". Love it!!! The culture's very colourful and interesting! Tnx for sharing!

Jay's Movie Reviews and News said...

She's quite pretty. Thanks for sharing.


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