Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My American Friend Went Out For a Date with Ah Lian – Fighting Fish

Somehow I don’t know how my American friend ended up dating Ah Lian. They went to a cafe in one of the shopping complex in PJ for dinner.

Ah Lian : John (not his real name), the food in this cafe all good good one you know! Order lah, what you want to eat.

John : You go ahead and order, Ah Lian. I still haven’t made up my mind what to eat.

Ah Lian : Oh, ok lah. Waiter, you give me ah, one Black Peppet Chicken chop.

Waiter : Black peppet?

John : I think she meant, Black Pepper.

Ah Lian : Oh ya, black pepper! Then, I want to drink ah, you got Fighting Fish?

Waiter : Fighting fish?

John : Uggggghhhh, how you drink or maybe eat that ? What is it?

Ah Lian : Aiya, John laling (darling), Fighting fish is Soya Bean Milk with Cincau (Leong Fun, a type of Chinese black jelly). Some people call it ah, Michael Jackson drink lorrrrr. Like Michael Jackson, black and white song. John, you want to try this drink?

John : No thanks Ah Lian, I think I have already loss my appetite!
Ah Lian's Fighting Fish drink aka Michael Jackson Black and White Drink!
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Kikey Loo said...

first time heard abt the name Fighting Fish drink! hehe..

indeed i never try Soya Bean Milk with Cincau.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You said you've git lots of food pics to post? Don't like fighting fish - the drink! LOL!!!

Pete said...

Kikey : Try it, its nice. But try not to laugh if you think of Ah Lian joke when drinking this drink, otherwise the cincau will come bursting out from your mouth lorrr, ha ha, LOL!

STP : Aiyo, Cikgu STP, sabar-sabar, actually haven't down some of the photos from my camera yet. Yesterday at Genting. LOL!

lcfu said...

fighting fish???? hahahah soya cham leongfan la lol

mcky1224 said...

Hahaa, Ah Lian's Fighting Fish drink really make me laugh non stop! I wonder what's the history behind of Fighting Fish drink and Michael Jackson drink!! LOL! Now I know why John was disgust by the given weird name! Hahaa!!

Chris said...

haha... but i like to drink fighting fish wo..

Anonymous said...

o.O Black peppet? Micheal Jackson drink? Next time I order those, I bet I'll be laughing my head off before even getting to put em into my mouth!

Pete said...

lcfu : The black colour leong fun looks like fighting fish ready to fight after turning black. Ha Ha!

mcky1224 : Fighting fish like I explain above. Mike black or white is like leong fun and soya. LOL

Chris : I love this drink too!

Cleff : Remember to take the black peppet photo and mike photo to post your food review for us to see ok? ha ha ha!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

she might want to call it tahi cicak....coz its also black and white....lol. i think your american friend is having a miserable like in malaysia....hahahah

Edward said...

'Black Peppet Chicken chop'

But i didnt know about Fighting fish is also cincau and soya. Only know Micheal Jackson.

QuaChee said...

the ah lian language quite funny lah :)


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