Friday, May 7, 2010

Sen Kee Duck Satay @ Restaurant Hao Hao Kee, Taman Desa Jaya

I took my little toddler for a ride last week after dinner but we ended up food hunting near my eldest son’s former school, SJKC Taman Desa Jaya in Kepong. I have heard about Sen Kee duck satay before this and found the restaurant just opposite the morning wet market which is part of an old theatre. Sen Kee satay stall is located inside Restaurant Hao Kee. I saw a similar Sen Kee stall in MCY Restaurant in Desa Aman Puri, which I think is one of the branches. Anyway, we parked the car and got down to check out the type of satay the stall has to offer. They sell duck satay (RM0.80), chicken satay (RM0.60) and also lamb (RM0.80) sate. The restaurant also offer cooked dishes and I saw there were quite a number of tables filled with customers eating their dinner. I ordered a takeaway set of 10 duck satay and 2 cuts of compressed rice (ketupat, 0.60 per piece). The nice duck satay nice aroma filled my car while I was driving back home and my little toddler kept on saying ‘mum mum’ (eat). Since it is duck meat, you can expect it to have a tougher texture than chicken, but the taste of duck satay is rather unique and delicious. I love the extra creamy satay sauce. This is the first time I ate duck satay but I am going back for more! PS: This area is rather dark and quiet at night, so please be a little extra careful.

Address and map to: Sen Kee Duck Satay @ Restaurant Hao Hao Kee 27, Jalan 13, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Handphone contact: 019 2187538, 019 2492572
Closed on Mondays Google earth coordinate : 3.215984,101.62846
Check out Smallkucing review about the Chi Chow dishes and the duck satay at


manglish said...

haizzzzzzzz i miss satay too hahaahha

mNhL said...

Uh...never knew there are duck satay. The famous Kajang satay have fish, venison and rabbit satay and so far, I only dare to eat their chicken satay.

smallkucing said...

i wan i wan..the desa aman puri also have duck satay? Not reli familiar with kepong area :(

Anonymous said...

Never had duck satay before. Eaten lamb satay though. My favs are still chicken and beef.

xin said...

hmmm only 10 satays enough ? :P

Ann said...

I never had duck satay. But I like duck the Chinese waay, my mum's sour plum duck is the best.

Just went to a Thai restaurant to rejoice and celebrate my daughter's success.

She order sliced duck, which I didn't eat, had them before and didn't like it.

Sam had chicken satay smouldered with peanut sauce, the chicken is two inch slabs, not nice to look, didn't eat because I am allergic to peanuts.

The rest is good.

Pete said...

Manglish : Got satay Jepun or not? LOL

mnhl : I normally take chicken satay!

smallkucing : I saw Sen Kee stall in MCY restaurant, corner same row as Tg Rambutan Steamboat.

Mei Teng : Duck, quite a nice change

Xin : Just after dinner.....cannot eat so much, but actually I just want to try to see how's the taste.

Pete said...

Ann: Sour plum duck sounds nice...I think I got the recipe.
Congrats to your daugther!

suituapui said...

My daughter loves the Kajang lamb satay, I'm more into beef...but duck! Hmmm...would love to try. I love duck, but prefer it tender.

Donna said...

errr.. duck stay, sounds scary wor..
coz i don eat duck.. =.=
and beef and lamb.. =.="
and goose... =.=

Merryn said...

hehehehhehe.. today.. i very the clever. i had dinner first, then come read ur blog. so while i am still tempted by the satay, but my tummy is already full, so i wont go 'crazy' fighting off my drools :P

Bananazക said...

Interesting never even dream about quack quack satay. Yeah I guess so should be tougher than chicken. Learn something new. tQ

PFx said...

You are teasing me with DUCK, Pete. You are living in such a delicious life.

Little Kit Boy said...

Hi, I'm Jenny. Thanks to SmallKucing for introducing this yummylicious blog. Really really torture reading your blog at this point of time (6:00pm) when is already dinner time but still need to be in the office. Really beh tahan..heheheh.

Alice Law said...

I think it's a bit pricey compared to other satay stall, and I reckon the other day your home marinated satay looks nicer!


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