Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mi Sua (Wheat Flour Vermicelli) for Birthday Celebration

This bowl of Mi Sua for my wife on her birthday!
When I was staying with my parents in my hometown, my mom would cook mi sua for our birthday without fail every year. Now, I am living with in KL and have a family of my own, it is time for me to continue this wonderful Chinese Birthday tradition. Mi Sua is a symbol of longevity, so the longer the mi sua, the longer you life would be after eating them! LOL! My mom would serve the mi sua with hard boil eggs and it is cooked with salt added to it. However, for my wife family, they would cook sweet mi sua which symbolizes many sweet happy returns after eating it! Normally, mi sua do not have preservatives in it because they actually use salt instead. Therefore, it is advisable to add very little salt when cooking mi sua.
In order to cook a good mi sua, you must have enough boiling water or else the mi sua would soak up all of it real fast and you ended up with a mi sua dish that is soggy! Add in the mi sua bundle when the water is boiling and turn off the heat immediately after that, so that the mi sua texture would be just nice.

Mi Sua, 1 bundle
Water, 2 bowls
Hard Boil Eggs, 2 pcs, use a little red colouring to mark it (red is auspicious for the Chinese)
Salt to taste Pork, minced or cut into small pieces, add a little corn flour
Sesame oil, ½ teaspoon \
Garlic, 5 cloves, chopped finely and fried with oil until golden brown
Spring onions for garnishing

Put water in to a pot and bring to a boil. Put in the meat. Boil for a short while. Add salt to taste and sesame oil. Put in the mi sua bundle. Immediately turn off the heat. Put the mi sua in a bowl. Garnish with fried garlic, spring onions and hard boil eggs. How do you cook Mi Sua for birthday celebration?
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reanaclaire said...

Happy Birthday to your wife, Pete!! i m sure your wife is very touched by your two white eggs and the yummy mi sua...

wenn said...

I love the mi sua cooked by my mum.

tuti said...

happy birthday to the missus!
your eggs so cute.
we only color the shell red and when peeled, maybe some colorings might go onto the white part. but not like the way you dot yours! haha. so cute.

Veron73 said...

Happy birthday to your wife :-) This is the first time I know about the symbolism of 'mi sua'. That is wonderful...

smallkucing said...

eee...why got two red dots geh? Happy Birthday to your wife.

June (An Asian Traveler) said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful wife! Same as veron73, I've learned something new today. :)

Donna said...

happy birthday to your wifey...
nope, i don have this hmm.. "culture" to celebrate. ahaha...
eh, i want to ask do you know how to cook DRY MI SHUA?
i know the ingredient got sesame oil and ginger..
I ate once long time ago, and it was yummy!! T.T

manglish said...

happy belated birthday to ur lovely wife and i have marinated minced chicken meat from last week in the freezer think i will make it into the soup tomolo hehehhe thanks thanks for the idea again

Anonymous said...

The eggs with the red dots looked like big eyes in a bowl of noodles! Hahha.....I have quite an imagination.

I love eating mee sua.

xin said...

awww so nice! but my family nv had this tradition :( next year my bd i order mi sua from u can?

suituapui said...

Happy Birthday to your missus! Foochows cook the chicken with ginger and red wine - yours no ginger, I see! Ya...and we coloured the egg shells red but not anymore, since all the talk about using dyes in food.

I thought other dialects don;t eat mee sua? They have their own longevity noodles - not like mee or mee sua, more like mihun.

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Birthday wishes to ur beloved wife! Mee Sua is my mum's fav...she never fails to make it a soup! ;)

Mommy Ling said...

Hapie Birthday to Mrs Pete!! So loving of the foods.The 2 eggs give me the impression of loving hearts.

Pete said...

Claire : She shared it with the kids!

Wenn: Moms always make good mi sua....errrrr, daddy too....ha ha ha!

Tuti: Ha ha ha, looks like the characters from Sesame Street! LOL!

Vron73 : Thks for dropping by my blog, cheers!

Smallkucing : Instead of colouring the outer shell layer, put red dot lor....LOL!

june : Thks for dropping by my blog! Cheers

Donna : Haven't try cooking dry mi sua. Will try it out and post soon!

Manglish : Ha ha, don't forget to post the soup you made!

Mei Teng : Mi sua is nice and easy digest food!

Xin : sure can lah! LOL!

STP : I think Hokkien have misua, Teow Chew eat mostly Mee Tiau.....mmmm, all mixed up already long as the noodles are long.....LOL!

Lovecook : Thks for dropping by my blog! cheers!

Annie Q said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs Pete!!

I thought only "foochow" will eat mee suah on their birthday?

That two eggs look very cute. LOL!

Pete said...

Annie Q : I guess all the tradition overlap among the different dialects because of inter the Hokkien also eat mi sua already! LOL!

Garfield said...

i still remember that when i small, i usually eat mi sua during i am sick.

Cheah said...

Wow, what a thoughtful husband you are. Your wife is very lucky to have you cook for her birthday!

cleffairy said...

HAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! The eggs looks obscene to me with two dots over there. Looks like a pair of boobs! Ahqahahahahahah.... *dies*

Ayie said...

i use japanese somen here almost the same as the regular misua

ChloeRuoyi said...

I'm quite a big fan of mi-sua. So far, the ones from Sitiawan taste the best. Have you tried them? I always get my friend to help me stock up every time she goes back to Sitiawan (her hometown).

Pete said...

Garfield : Easy to digest...good idea!

Cheah : But now one cook for me leh! LOL!

Cleff : Red dots.....not same lar...where got so red ones...ha ha ha!

Ayie : I think Japanese somen will not turn soggy so fast as compared to misua

Chloeruoyi - I just bought 1 packet this Thursday but haven't tried it yet!


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