Monday, March 1, 2010

Peteformation Cinnamon Bread Recipe

The dough before baking...........a piece of cinnamon litte boy stole a bite before I can take the photo!

I have been experimenting with quite a number of bread recipes and it is a very enjoyable hobby. The basic bread recipe is the same and it is up to our own creativity to add in whatever ingredients that we fancy. For convenience sake, I baked a whole loaf of cinnamon bread instead of making it into smaller buns, like ones available commercially. Anyway, I made a mistake of adding too much water to it this time and the whole dough expanded until some came out from the bread baking container! But then, I ended up with a moist and soft loaf of cinnamon bread! LOL!

Flour, (I used normal flour), 4 cups
Cinnamon powder, 2 teaspoon
Sugar, 5 tablespoons
Yeast, 1 teaspoon
Shortening, 3 tablespoons
Butter, 4 table spoons
Salt, 2 teaspoons
Warm water
Milk powder, 2 tablespoons

Mix flour with yeast, sugar, shortening, butter, milk powder and salt. Stir the mixture until they are well mixed. Slowly add water and knead it thoroughly or for at least for 20 minutes. Leave aside for around 2 hours. Give the dough a punch....yeah right, a punch like, Bruce Lee does.....LOL! This is a bread making process known as ‘Punching the bread’. Make a few folds with the dough and add in the cinnamon powder after each fold. Shape the bread to fit in to you bread baking tray. Let it rise for another half and hour. Bake the bread in preheated oven at 200 Deg C for 20 to 25 minutes. The best thing about baking cinnamon bread is the whole house would be filled with nice bread and cinnamon aroma!


reanaclaire said...

looking at your bread, i feel like biting one now.. should have bought a loaf just now .. sigh.. now hungry..

Merryn said...

*shake head* if everyone is like you, bakeries n eateries will all close shop... why can't my husband bake or cook? sigh.. haha

Christine said...

oh that bread looks so delicious!

smallkucing said...

Agree with Merryn.

Cheryl said...

Would love to have a big slice of that right now! Looks delicious.

suituapui said...

Ok. surrender! I'm not into not into making it either! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

My sis uses a breadmaker. But the bread comes out tasting very dense as she doesn't use any softerner unlike conventional breads.

manglish said...

just use the normal oven? i saw this special machine to make just bread one damn expensive but u think the effect will be better? cant wait to go and make things for myself, malaysia is getting more expensive eh...u think can cut down on expenses if cook for ourselves ar? hahahah so long winded my comment

AL said...

Pete I like cinnamon bread a lot and I have tried baking it which was very successful but my only problem is the kneading part. Maybe I should ask someone to knead it for me...can you do it for me? Hahahaha.


Pete said...

Claire : He he he, hungry come over and eat lah! LOL!

Merryn : hah, next time all the bakeries will ban me lorr!

Christine : Nice, when hot out from the oven

Small kucing : ha ha ha!

Cheryl : Love the cinnamon aroma

STP : Sometimes it is nice to have light bread for breakfast, nice leh!

Mei Teng : Softenener, emplex are available commercially but I don't use them. Put more butter and shortening, then the bread would be nice!

Manglish : The only thing the bread machine help is the kneading part. Actually kneading very easy lah....just like exercise...LOL! Yes, I just use normal oven.

AL : IF you stir the flour and other stuff before adding water, don't have to knead too long...shortcut way! LOL!

umihoney said...

Pete walk over to my blog when you have the time.I have an award for you. Have a nice week ahead.

[SK] said...

the next thing that i am going to learn must be baking.. i just love cakes and bread and cookies.. :p

ChloeRuoyi said...

Really feel envy seeing your lovely bread. I just bought a breadmaker, tried a recipe, mis-measured some ingredients and produced a disastrous loaf! Totally cannot eat, kena throw! Sad, Sad...


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