Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ice Cream, Sorbet or Ice Lolly? Simply ‘Hentam’ Dessert!

Initially, I wanted to make the same ice cream similar to the one that Anncoo made. Anyway, I don’t have double cream in stock and a little lazy to cook the ice cream ingredients. Therefore, I made do with whatever ingredients I have in stock and settled for a short cut frozen creamy dessert just like ice lollies. Instead of whisking the ingredients, I put all of them in the blender and mixed until they turned foamy! Therefore the texture is a little hard but creamy on the top. I made three flavours; strawberry from the leftovers fruits in my fridge, chocolate and vanilla. Ok lah, boleh makan juga! Ha ha ha! (Ok, can be eaten also). Good to have some nice and cool desert on a hot day!

Evaporated milk, 1 tin
Sweetened condensed milk, ½ tin (use all if you want it to be sweet)
Water, ½ cup
Sugar, to taste
Flavours Vanilla Essence, 1 tablespoon
Chocolate powder, 2 table spoons
Strawberries, 10 pcs

Put evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla essence, water and sugar in a blender. Blend until the mixture turned foamy. Divide the mixture into three portions. For the vanilla flavour add in a little more vanilla essence. As for the chocolate on put in the second portion in to the blender and add in the cocoa powder. I added some cooking chocolate to it also to have a little chunky texture in it. Then blend until they are well mixed. Do the same for the strawberry flavour ones as well. Put all the mixture into the freezer overnight!
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Jen Cheung said...

hello there =)
just stumbled on your page from barbs page. lovely page you have here. hehe i love foooood! Im a new blogger from Toronto. and also have a food blog of my own. teehee. feel free to drop by my websites when you have the time. I'll be coming here to visit too =)

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w/ love: jen

Angie's Recipes said...

This must be awfully GOOD for the hot summer days!

Garfield said...

wah, everything also mix in ar?
this 1 eat already can go toilet 1 or not?

Ayie said...

missing that! great for hot days


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