Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Meal of Deep Fried Prawns with Flour – Recipe

Everyone in my family loves deep fried prawns with flour. I have some prawn that I bought last week in my fridge and it is time to clear it out before I go the wet market again this weekend. I like to use equal portion of corn flour, wheat flour and rice flour because this composition would stick well to the prawns and make the dish crispy! I made a deep cut through the top part of the shelled prawn and turned it around like what Chef Martin Yan did in one of his show. This resulted in a prawn with attractive looking shape....LOL! My family had a nice meal of Deep fried prawn with flour as one of the main dish for dinner.

Medium size Prawns, 600 gms, shelled with tail remain intact
Corn flour, Rice Flour and Wheat Flour, equal portion to make up half a rice bowl
Salt to taste
Pepper a dash
Vegetable oil for deep frying
A little water for the batter

Add water to the flour combination to make a batter. Add in salt and pepper. Put the prawns in the batter and deep fry them in hot oil. Remove and drain away excess oil when the flour that coats the prawn turned golden brown. Serve while it is still hot and crispy! It tastes good with chilly sauce.

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smallkucing said... this really makes my tummy play drum...Mamee again lor :(

cleffairy said...

Wakakakakak! Finger food! I love this! LOL... too bad can't really get fresh prawn in OTK, else I would have made this 'tempura' prawns!

reanaclaire said...

good morning Pete... before i go out for my breakfast, let me get up some appetite here.. :)
i love prawn fritters but too bad my girl is allergic to them.. so i seldom buy and do that..

Garfield said...

when i was still a kid, i always eat this
i like this 1 a lot

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, one of my favourite dishes all time^^~~~

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, one of my favourite dishes all time^^~~~

suituapui said...

I love this! My daughter too! But my missus... Hmmm...most of the time, no mood to cook - just the same ol' dishes, easy to cook ones! Now that I've the recipe, maybe I can try.

wenn said...

i love prawns in any way.

Cheah said...

Hi, Pete, what a coincidence, I posted prawn fritters today too! But yours look great!

umihoney said...

simply irresistible..thank you for sharing.

mNhL said...

Have you tried the MLF flour? Mum used to use that type of flour to fried prawns and bananas. The skin will be crispy too.

mommy to chumsy said...

MMmmm......delicious. this is one of my favorite food when i was a kid..well, still is :D

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

I just go Cheah's house and see she also did this, and yours look good too.

Ayie said...

i love these! my fave!

Maria said...

These look really really lovely. You have a wonderful website.


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