Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ayam Golek (Malaysian Rotiserie Roast Chicken, yang tidak digolekkan!) Recipe

Ayam Golek (Malaysian Roast Chicken), in my oven!
I used to buy Ayam Golek during the Ramadan month from the Ramadan market near my house. My daughter loves to eat Ayam Golek and I tried to cook it for her. Some Ayam Golek recipe uses Coconut milk (santan) but I did not add this ingredient. Instead of letting the Ayam ‘golek’ (turn) in my oven Rotisserie, I cut out the chicken, butterfly style to reduce the roasting time. Therefore, my ayam golek (turn over and over chicken) did not actually bergolek! Ha Ha Ha!

Chicken (Ayam), 1 whole

Kunyit, 1 teaspoon
Ketumbar (Coriander) Powder, 1 table spoon
Cumin (Jintan Manis), ½ table spoon
Ginger, 1x1x1, crushed
Serai (lemongrass), 2pcs, blended
Garlic, 3 pcs, blended
Lemon juice from ½ lemon
Sugar, 2 tablespoon
Salt to taste
Pepper, 1 teaspoon

Marinade the chicken overnight or at least 1 hour. Roast chicken in oven at 180 Deg C for one and a half hour. Actually it will taste better if you barbecue the chicken with charcoal. Serve with garlic chili sauce. Best eaten with white rice!


suituapui said...

Quite a hassle roasting anything big... I gather that they pound the chicken for ayam penyet (Bandung Indonesia origin)...but they deep fry that. Roasting is healthier.

Pei Pei said...

Lepas makan boleh golek :)
Looks yummy. Will try this recipe one of these days. Thanks for sharing

Pete said...

STP : Mmmm, ayam penyet, will try that recipe!

Pei Pei : Let me know how it turn out! Happy cooking!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha... my mum used to make ayam golek... but hers is different... got stuffing inside the chicken, made of potatoes and god knows what... I just know how to hentam oni... hmmm...


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