Monday, June 1, 2009

Full Theme Song From Latest TVB The Threshold of a Persona Drama ID精英

The Treshold of a Persona is a current running TVB Serial Drama about the life of Hong Kong Immigration officers and personnel. The stars of the show are Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Claire Yu, Toby Leong, Natalie Tong, John Chiang, Patrick Tang, Kenny Wong, Raymond Cho, Quennie Chu, Power Chan and Shermon Tang. The Treshold of a Persona show schedule are as follows June 1 - June 4, Episode 1 — 4 June 8 - June 12, Episode 5 — 9 June 15 - June 19, Episode 10 — 14 June 22 - June 26, Episode 15 — 19 June 29 - July 3, Episode 20 — 24 July 4, Episode 25 — 26 July 5, Episode 27 Here is the Full Theme song for The Treshold of a Persona Any streaming video downloads link available?


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