Friday, June 5, 2009

Penang Style Tuapan (Wat Tan Hor, Braised Wide Rice Noodles) at Kedai Kopi (Coffee Shop) Yat Ka, Manjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Unfortunately this restaurant has already closed down (1/7/2010)

Yin Yong (Kueh Teow with Bihun) and Wat Tan Hor (Penang Tuapan)

The hawker food that I missed the most ever since I moved to KL is Penang Tuapan. Most of the KL type of Tuapan aka Wat Tan Hor noodle do not have the aromatic ‘wok hei’ smell like Penang type of Tuapan. There used to be a restaurant, Nibong Tebal Porridge (branch) in Manjalara, Kepong that served Penang Tuapan, nice sambal belacan and also the famous Nibong Tebal Crab/Fried/etc porridge. This restaurant has since closed down due to shortage of manpower and the boss actually relocated to a stall in Kedai Kopi Yat Ka around 300 metres away from the original place. Since this is just a small hawker stall, the items in the original menu has been drastically cut down to around 6 to 7 type of dishes. Kedai Kopi Yat Ka is located just before Wisma Fiamma, on the ground floor of a multi storey building. The parking at the basement is free for one hour, so make sure you get your ticket stamped at the coffee shop counter before you leave the place. The noodle they used is a wide variety of kueh tiaw (rice noodle) which is similar to the one in Penang. The noodle has a nice aroma and the starchy gravy is rich in flavours. It is served with fish cake, fried slices of fish, pork, liver and sawi. Yummy.....just like the Tuapan in Penang! GPS : Latitude 3°11'43.44"N, Longitude 101°37'59.66"E Map to Kedai Kopi (Coffee Shop) Yat Ka, Manjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

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suituapui said...

Cantonese fried? Looks like Kuching's tomato kway teow...but that may be because of the colour in the photo. Looks yummy! I'll post on the Teochew mee teow/longevity noodles that you gave me in tomorrow's post... Nice!

fufu said...

tuapan is wat tan hor? hahaha didnt know it... anyway i love tuapan!! there's one stall here in my hometown which is famous for hokkien mee(dark one) and the tuapan is just nice... but the taste is kinda nt as good as before now...he is getting old >.<

mommy to chumsy said...

oh i think i've seen this stall before :) will check it out next time when i'm in the area. my sis stays in Segambut :D

Pete said...

STP : Must be the photo colour that makes it look like tomato mee. Glad that you like the mee tiau.

Fufu : No family members to take over his stall?

Mommy : Try the sambal too! Cheers!

cleffairy said...

*faint* i like ying yong!!!!

Pete said...

Cleff : Try this stall yin yong, you sure like it!

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Next time if I visit KL , you bring me go makan ok ? Don' worry lah , I pay for your meal...hehehehe

Pete said...

AFTHousefly : Sure, no problem. I would be glad to bring you go makan!


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