Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hakka Namyee (Fermented Bean curd) Beef/Lamb Recipe

This famous Hakka dish is normally cooked using lamb but I decided to try it out using beef instead. It turned out ok, but I think Hakka Namyee lamb still taste better. I bought 300gms of topside beef from Tesco stores in Mutiara Rini and cut it into large chunks. The beef is a bit tough and I have to let it simmer for a while in the pot to soften it!

Beef, 300gms (I recomend that you use lamb, it taste nicer!)
Cinnamon, 1 stick
Dried chilli, 2 pcs
Dried Bean curd strips, 2 pcs, soak in water to soften, cut into 2 inches length
Sweet Snow Peas, 5 pcs
Carrot, 1 pc, cut into small chunks
Namyee (preserved bean curd), 1 pc
Garlic, 3pcs Salt to taste
Rice wine, 1 table spoon.

Heat up 1 table spoon of oil in wok and sautéed garlic until fragrant. Then add in the beef and stir fry until it caramelized. Add two bowls of water. Then add in the cinnamon, dried chillies, bean curd strips, rice wine and namyee. Let it simmer until the beef is soft. Put in the snow peas and carrot. Add some corn flour mixture in water to thicken the stew! Add salt to taste. Serve this dish in a clay pot.
PS : Lamb would taste better!


Pei Pei said...

So paiseh... I'm a hakka yet I don't know there is this hakka dish :)
Thanks for sharing the recipe

Josephine said...

Never knew Hakka got this dish one, I must ask my mama already...

Chris said...

Hakka dish different from cantonese?

suituapui said...

Looks good. My wife loves the fermented bean curd, not me. But just one cube, so I guess it would not be so bad. May give it a try, looks good. Gee! You can cook so well, next time I go KL - must invite me to your house to sample your own home-cooked specialties!!!*blinking eyes trying to look cute! Hahahahahaha!

Pete said...

Pei Pei : Quite popular at some restaurant but rather hard to find one that is serving it.

Josephine : Surprisingly, many people don't cook this dish but it is very tasty!

Chris : A little bit different, Cantonese dish normally uses pork with lots of fat so it taste nicer.

STP : One cube of Namyee only, the taste is not strong in this dish. My cooking so so only larrrrr......just experimenting..LOL


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