Saturday, January 7, 2012

Singapore East Coast Lagoon Food Village (Hokkien Mee, BBQ Chicken Wings)

After a nice walk along the Singapore East Coast Park seafront, we hopped over to East Coast Lagoon Food Village to have our dinner. There are many varieties of food to choose and I walked for around 2 rounds before deciding what to eat. If I am not mistaken, there are at least 40 to 50 stalls here selling a wide range of hawker food.

For starters\, I bought these barbecued chicken wings from Haron 30 Satay stall  (Stall no 55) for SGD1.20 each. These chicken wings are very tasty, have very nice aroma and are barbecued to perfection. Very worth it and price is also quite reasonable. The chili is very spicy! Damm Shiok to eat with the chicken wings! lol!

Stall Location and contact number :
Haron 30 Satay
Stall No 55, East Coast Lagoon Food Village
Contact person : Lynna, 64410495

I missed Singapore style Hokkien Mee (noodles), so quickly I ordered one from a stall run by a lady not far away from Haron 30 Satay. Sorry ya, I forgot the stall number liao! A small size plate of Singapore Hokkien Mee cost SGD4. From the photo, the Hokkien Mee might not look very appealing but it is actually very tasty! I love the sweet and rich gravy! At first my son hesitated from trying it but after the first spoonful, he was hooked.

My daughter returned from bicycling and complained that she is very hungry. I wondered whether she has covered the 15km seafront bicycle track but she does looked very hungry and tired. LOL!
So, I went over to the same stall and ordered a medium size Singapore Hokkien Mee. I paid SGD6.00 for this delicious plate of medium size Hokkien Mee. I was amazed when my daughter finished the whole plate......!  This is also the first time she tasted this dish and she likes it very much!

This is the Singapore style Oh Chien (fried oysters with eggs) that we tried out. If sure looks different from the Oh Chien that we have in Malaysia. The Oh Chien here is rather pale in colour and have lots of eggs in it. Although the Oh Chien looks plain, it is rather tasty. .....can't go wrong with food fried with eggs! yum yum!

We tried other food from the stalls here as well but there are nothing to shout about them.
The evening crowd at Lagoon Food Village....

Ok, tummy filled liao! Next stop....Singapore latest casino! It is 'Picture!' 'Picture' time! ha ha ha!

Map and Location of Singapore East Coast Lagoon Food Village
For Direction, See Google Map Coordinate : 1.307024,103.935835
1220 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 468960


cleffairy said...

The chicken wings looks really nice... I'd go for that one. =D

Sheoh Yan said...

Singapore style hokkien mee looks yummy to me.

Hayley said...

All food looks yummy to me~

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Did u win at the casino?