Monday, July 14, 2008

Simple Recipe (NV) – Quick Pizza from Leftover Roti(bread) Arab

1) A pack of Roti Arab..............................................2) Roti Arab Tada! Ready in a jiffy. I used frozen fish chips for this one. Did not manage to take photos of the tuna fish pizza because my kids finished all of it right after I took it out from the oven.
I bought some Roti Arab from the Kepala Batas Mee Rebus Restaurant when I was there the other day. The bread is soft and fluffy. It tastes good if eaten with curry. I tried to make pizza from the left over bread and it turned out great. I tried 3 types of main filling and my kids voted the tuna fish as the best. Here is what I did….
1) Spread some tomato sauce on the roti Arab.
2) Then top it with a) Canned Tuna Fish or b) Scrambled Eggs or c) Frozen Fish Chips(cut into thin strips) 3) Put mozzarella cheese on top of the main filling. (I used cheddar cheese as I did not have mozzarella in my fridge)
4) Heat up oven to 150 Deg C and bake for 20 minutes. You can use normal white bread as the base but remember to add butter or some vegetable oil because white bread is dry and not oily.

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