Friday, August 1, 2008

Jokes – The Funny Pediatrician

When my eldest son was 2 months old he refused to take his milk from the bottle. We have to use spoon to feed him. Feeding him milk became a very tedious affair.

So, one day we took him to see our regular doctor. I told the doctor, “My son refused to suck his milk from the milk bottle.”

Without any hesitation the doctor replied, “Oh he don’t want to be a sucker!”
We had a good laughed over it.

Now, my 7 months old youngest son is behaving the same way and I wonder what the Pediatrician will say this time! LOL


lcfu said...

the doctor is damn funny ya!!!
what a hilarious joke on this moening =)

Pete said...

heh heh, he is also a good doctor!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete, let's wait and see when he grows

cleffairy said...

Your son refused to drink milk from the bottle? Just feed him more semi-solid food. i was like tht too when i was younger.

Pete said...

Clef : I have just started my youngest son on semi solid food. But now I hv learned a trick to feed him milk, I will feed him when he is about to fall asleep. Then it will be ok. Ha ha, next one to experience this will be Calvin soon.....but when u think back after they have grown up, it is very rewarding experience.

Roses said...

daddy who blogs. how cool can that be~?~ thanks for dropping by my site..
well, my mom used to trick me with honey at the tip of the feeding bottle before..i was stupid enough to finish milk with honey on/off..

when they have their rebellious period, i suppose that's when aspirin is required..

Pete said...

Roses : Ha Ha, Teenage time.... a bit worried, I guess every one is a parent for the first time. I need to stock up more aspirin or you got anything stronger? Thks for stopping by here.

Roses said...

with modern life like what we are living in, not everyone can be parent.
aspirin will do good with complimentary anti-depressant drugs in case u have low tolerance towards aspirin.

Malaysian Joe said...

whoa... daddy blog and foodie blog? gosh... hehehe... would definitely be looking up some of the nice foodie spots.. getting tired of the ones I frequent.. LOL..

Get the cheap cheap and nice ones on..

Pete said...

Thk for visiting Joe. More food coming......LOL


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