Saturday, August 16, 2008

Food – Gembira Restaurant Taman Megah, PJ (Braised Pork, Shark Fin Soup, Drunken Prawn, Assam Fish) (Non Halal)

Choy Heong Tofu.....................................................Sharkfin Soup Drunken Prawns....................................................Four Types Vegetables Assam Fish..............................................................Braised Pork Belacan Kangkong..................................................Gembira Restaurant My brother and his family were in town recently with to attend his post graduation ceremony. So, off we went to have a little family gathering by having dinner together. Gembira Restaurant is located in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya opposite the Ming Tien Food court. The hawker stall operates here in the morning and Chan Kee (used to be in SS3) takes over at night. The owner recommended drunken tiger prawn which is very fresh and also shark fin soup; both dishes are on the Restaurant special offer menu. The Assam Fish is full of flavours and real tasty. I like the four types of vegetable combination which consist of petai, eggplant, long beans and lady fingers, fried to perfection with chili. The braised pork texture is soft and the smell of star anise is wonderful. The Choy Heong Tofu is a bit spicy, so it might not be suitable if you are thinking of ordering this dish for children. The homemade tofu is simply delicious. The sambal kangkung (water convolvulus) portion is rather generous. We ordered two bowls of shark fin soup for the kids but I did not get a chance to taste it, as my son finished all of it before I can do so. The total bill plus all the drinks came out to be RM131.00, very reasonable for six main dishes (for 9 adults and two children) and two bowls of shark fin soup! Address: Gembira Restaurant, Jalan SS24/2, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. Opening Hours: Dinner only (morning, hawker stalls) GPS Latitude 3° 6'50.42"N, Longitude 101°36'44.24"E Map to Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya


Anonymous said...

So this is the restaurant that you mentioned. Thank you for posting this one, Pete. It'll help me greatly.

Roses said...

the 4types vegetables is cooked with belacan or just plain fried?!?
the tofu looks deli though..
was the fins huge and rough?!? or thinly till u cannot feel anything when drinking the soup?!? ;)

Pete said...

cleff: Yes, this is the restaurant that I mentioned. The place is a bit cramp but the dishes is served quite fast.
Posted, specially for cleff! Got GPS coodinate, you sure can find the place!

Rose : Yes, cooked with belacan. The tofu came last, so by that time all of us were already stuffed. The sharkfin is reasonable, should be ok, if not my son will not finish it! LOL.
Frankly, that night I did not get to slowly savour all the food, busy chit chatting away with all my family members lah...but I know everyone were quite happy with the food.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hungry, where will you be taking me next tuesday? better be good, my treat. hehehe

LimZhi said...

Will I get a nice treat from you if I go there? heheh..

Chris said...

wao! the price is very reasonable! How;s the taste? Worth for trying?

Pete said...

Calvin : Mamak roti canai, heh heh, just joking, I will chk out a few places for you.

Limzhi : Sure, no problem.

Chris : Taste good, better than many high grade restaurant. I thk the price is good because the tiger prawn was on offer RM15 for a plate! When you are there ask the Si Tau Poh which dish is on offer.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I'm definitely bringing my outlaws there... but...I'm scared they'll be no offer then I KO... :-(

Pete said...

Cleff : I think the offer will be on for quite some time, as they have printed the offer menu and laminated it. If there is no offer, stays with the Assam Tilapia, Braised pork, 2 x veg(reason eat more veg, healthty) and Tofu. The price should be Ok.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Pete, I wonder if you know where i can find good and cheap vegetarian restaurant in KL? my mom in law is a vegetarian...this restaurant, Gembira Restaurant, do they offer vegetarian meals as well?

Pete said...

Cleff, I use to go to one in Desa Pandan(normal non aircon restaurant) but I don't not have the exact address.
1) Good ones are Nanking Court(a bit pricey, Jln near Rothmans roundabout coming from SS2 on your left. Corner 28 & 29 Jln SS19/3. Many varieties of vegan food, nice restaurant!
2) I saw two in SS2, Jln SS2/55 and Jln SS2/61 but haven't try yet.
3) Soong Foong Inn
22, SS 23/11, Taman Sea (47400)
6-03-78062235. I think I tried this one before quite some time back.

You can check out KL vegan restaurant at this link

Make sure the one that u choose is not organic type of food, as the food will be quite plain if someone is not use to it!

Pete said...

Cleff, sorry i don't think Gembira serve vegan food but u can check out Soong Foong Inn which is in Taman Sea next to Tmn Megah which Gembira is located.

bridge around the corner said...

Hi Pete, Bridge here. Thanks for dropping me a comment last time I baked cookies. Anyway, your drunken shrimp looks good. Wonder why they call it drunken shrimp? Did they have a shot of tequilla?

Haha, if you have time, you can check out my lighthouse getaway and leave your footprints too =)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, thank you for all the infos Pete, it's so helpful of you. maybe i'll find time to check those vegan restaurant out. *roll eyes* the things i'd do to get in my mom outlaw's good book. Darn it.The woman is dam hard to please...:-(

I'll just leave your comment box before i write know, the vulgarities. LOL.

Pete said...

Bridge : Thks for dropping by. The prawns are steamed alive with Chinese Cooking Wine and salt. I wonder how it will taste like if I add in some Tequila? Maybe I will name the new dish Mexican Drunken Prawn. Ha Ha. I will certainly leave my 'big foot' there. LOL

Cleff : No problem. Glad to help.

Chris said...

oh, ok. ;)


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