Friday, August 22, 2008

Simple Recipe – Vegetarian Fiery Spicy Basil Soup

This a duplicated post from my Veganformation recipe blog. Basil leaves, kaffir lime leaves and serai from my garden. Sour and spicy soup!

I ate a non vegetarian version of this soup during my recent trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand. Here is the vegetarian version that I cook up. Ingredients 1) 3 pcs of Kafir lime leaves 2) 10 Stalks of Basil leaves 3) 2 pcs of Lemon grass(serai), smashed 4) 1 big onion 5) 1 green lemon, or 3 pcs of lime – juiced 6) 1 galangal, 2”x2”x2” (lengkuas) 7) 10 pcs of dried chilies 8) 2 pcs of corn, cut into three section 9) 4 bowls of water 10) 1 bunga kantan, (Torch ginger flower) (optional) 11) 2 table spoon of tamarind paste mixed with water to take out the juice 12) 2 teaspoon of salt or to taste 13) 2 teaspoon of sugar 14) 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil Bring the water to a boil in the pot and add in the corn. Boil for 30 minutes. Throw in the serai (lemon grass), onions, basil leaves, kafir lime leaves, dried chilies, and bunga kantan. Add tamarind juice, lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt to taste and sugar. The soup is ready! Eat with steam rice or as soup for rice vermicelli. If the taste is too sour for you, just add in more sugar to neutralize it a bit. P.S.: For a non vegetarian version you can replace the corn with chicken.

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Josephine said...

'suan la tang' (sour & spicy soup)!
Will try, thanks!

Chris said...

Oh? Ur own secret recipe?

Pete said...

josephine : Please let me know your comment after you try out the recipe.

Chris : I tasted this soup in a Restaurant in ChiangRai. After that I created a similar recipe to taste as close as possible to the one I ate. Quite close.

cleffairy said...

Ohh... I'm gonna try it, but without the bunga kantan though... dunno where to find. Hmm and maybe i wanna put some mushroom inside too... adeeihh, Pete... I think I'm gonna ruin your recipe. :-(

Pete said...

Cleff : Ha Ha, Mushroom(enoki or oyster mushroom) (not chinese dried mushroom) should go well with the soup. You can get bunga kantan from any Malay/Indian vegetable stalls or pasar malam in Onestep.LOL (now I know where is onestep)

cleffairy said...

Actually, pete,i tot bunga kantan is used in laksa soup...i din know can use like this!

Pete said...

Cleff : Bunga kantan is used to make the dish smell nice and also to mask the fishy smell because the one I tasted in ChiangRai have fish sauce it it.


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