Friday, September 18, 2009

My American Friend and Bob the Bull

Breakfast Coffee shop talk with my American friend, John continues.......this time about Bob the Bull in Bachok(Kelantan, Malaysia), who couldn’t find a compatible mate. It was reported in The Star that this Charolais breed bull weighs 1.5 tonnes and it broke 2 cows back when he was trying to mate with them. Poor cows, they all died after that!

John : Wow, this bull is indeed very huge and heavy. Bob the bull broke its’ mate back when he tried to mate!

Me : Woooo, poor cows!

Ah Beng : Wah lau leh, look at the ‘big fifth leg’, takut (scared) leh!

Ah Lian : Where, where, I want to see.

Ah Beng : See what, you kepo (busy body)!

Ah Lian : See also cannot meh?

Ah Beng : So what have you learned from this story?

Ah Lian : Learn what?

Ah Beng : You always want to marry ‘Ang Mor’ (Caucasian)! Ang Moh, all so big. 'Lim Pek' (me) thin thin you don't want. See, see, on wedding night, back broken then you know!


Bengbeng said...

Beware ladies then of marrying ang moh :) Have a great holiday :)

wenn said...

that's funny..haha..

Pete said...

Bengbeng : You have a great holiday too! Cheers!

Wenn : Poor bull, cannot find a partner! LOL!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hiya bro

long time no chat chat. just to inform that i have changed my blog url to kinda long but no moneu to buy my own site just yet....lolz.

cheers and god bless...calvin

smallkucing said...


fufu said...

lol so powerful hone meh??

we msian have tongkat ali here too!!

happy raya day!

SJ said...

lol. interesting!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

Pete said...

Calvin : Thks, I will change to this link in my blogroll.

Fufu : Happy holidays!

Smallkucing And SJ : Cheers, have a nice holidays!

eunice said...

At first I was enticed by the kopi n toast image.. never expected to read such a funny joke LOL

Ayie said...

hehehe...more humor from pete here!

Senghoo said...

You have so many blogs I don't even know which to drop by! But of course I still prefer food blog :)

Pete said...

Eunice : Ha ha, this is my daily coffeeshop talk...he he!

Ayie : Sure Ayie, will tie up more jokes with the current news!

Senghoo : Peteformation is my main blog...thks for dropping by!


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