Monday, September 28, 2009

My American Friend And Food Fight – Ah Lian and Ah Beng also want to Fight!

As the food fight of the origin of Hainanese Chicken rice and many other foods continues.......

John : Wow, this food fight is getting interesting. Now, Melaka is claiming that Hainanese Chicken Rice originated from their state and Penang is claiming Nasi Kandar as theirs.

Me : Yah John, I think things are going out of hand a little bit! But John, I am little sad that my favourite Penang Assam Laksa, Curry Mee and Hokkien mee are not included in our heritage list!

Ah Beng: I am claiming the Hainanese Chicken Rice as mine! My great grandparents were the first to introduce this food in Malaysia!

Ah Lian : What lah, Ah Beng. How can you claim the Chicken Rice belongs to your family!

Ah Beng : You don’t believe me ah? My Ah Kong (granddad) told me that my great grandpa boat capsized in the Straits of Melaka. Then he tied two chickens that he brought all the way from China on his back and swam to shore. Then ‘hor’ he started a chicken farm in KL. My one is real original Hainan Chicken Rice leh. Chicken also from Hainan province, China. Who want to challenge my claim?

Ah Lian : Chey! When the boat capsized, my great grandpa used ‘2 biji’ (2 loafs) of water proof Hainanese bread as floats to reach the shore. The bread was all wet, so he toasted them using a bon fire. All the locals were attracted by the nice aroma and came by to buy the toast from him!

John : Ha ha ha, your story is really amazing! Can I have one Hainanese waterproof toast and one kopi ‘kaw’ (thick) please!


fufu said...

yeah i am quite disappointed too... why assam laksa and hokkien mee/prawn mee not listed!!! ABC and cendol also my favourite =p

suituapui said...

Is there a heritage list? What else on it? Maybe you can post in your blog... Hainanese Chicken Rice must be from Hainan, China...what heritage is that?

Pete said...

Fufu : Ya, no wonder other countries claim it theirs!

STP : Yup Cikgu, check out this link

Anonymous said...

All this fight about who owns what kind of food is really silly. Don't these people have better things to do? What about preserving heritage buildings instead of demolishing anything that has to do with the colonial past?

ladyviral said...

Water proof Hainanese Bread ar? hahhaa

kenwooi said...

from anywhere also can lah..
as long as nice to eat! =D

smallkucing said...

Not only that..what about Sui Kow, Loh Mai Kai, nasi lemak...

~dolly~ said...

huh.. really got food fight like that ar?

foongpc said...

Well, all this fight over origins of food is not going to do anyone any good! I am just surprised Singapore did it very well, we should look south!

Pete said...

Mei Teng : Ha ha, that is why I came up with this silly show them that all this fight is a waste of time! LOL!

ladyviral : Coat an old bread with mollasses and let it dry....then you will have a waterproof one....ha ha ha!

kenwooi : Yup, I agree!

smallkucing : Like that the fight will never end! ha ha ha!

dolly : When you put all the politicians and nothing better to do people together, this is what you will get....ha ha ha!

foongpc : Every food stall or cook will make a recipe that will taste differently.....don't know why they fight, as long as it taste nice!


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