Friday, September 25, 2009

A Birthday Dinner for Mom in Law at Wah Hong Restaurant, Chai Leng Park, Prai.

Wah Hong was just a corner coffee shop with very few stall more than 20 years ago. The owner made the right choice of turning it into an upper class restaurant and business has been good ever since. I was back in Butterworth recently and my sister in law suggested that we celebrate my mom in law birthday earlier. She ordered the 8 course meals! The price of an eight course meals like this are rather reasonable in Butterworth compared to KL.

As usual the first course is the cool platter (sorry, photo not very clear). The crispy fried special spring rolls are nice. I like the abalone like shell fish with chilli. I can really remember the rest of the dish in it, as you know normally whenever the first course arrived, everyone would quickly snapped up everything in it.

The shark fin soup has a good combination of natural sweetness and crabmeat flavours in it. Nice, but unfortunately the servings were just for 10 bowls only!

The cereal prawn was served with generous amount of cereal and butter in it. This dish is very aromatic and I just love the creamy taste. The prawn is fresh and has springy texture! Taste real good when eaten with a spoonful of cereals that comes with it.

Next was the yin yong chicken. One is crispy fried with belachan (fermented prawn paste) and the other one is marmite chicken. Both these dishes seem to be very popular in Butterworth. Damm tasty!

Sorry about this Assam Siakap Fish (Giant Sea perch) photo. I forgot to take before we started eating. I guess the picture paint a thousand words, everything gone except the bones! Thumbs up!

This is fried crispy longevity noodles, with Cantonese style gravy. The mee (noodle) is crispy and the starchy gravy is good. My kids love it so much! I went for second helpings! I missed out on some of the other dishes as I was busy catching up with my relatives and also eating at the same time. But overall it is a very satisfactory meal. Address Restoran Wah Hong 69, 71, 73, Lebuh Kurau Satu, Chai Leng Park, 13700, Prai, PW Mr. Tung Meng How, HP : 019 4758228, Tel : 04 3994017, 3976534, 3902943 Opening hours : 11 am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10pm Map to Wah Hong, Chai Leng Park, Butterworth


reanaclaire said...

Hi Pete.. how much did the dinner ocme to.. i love cereal prawns too, over here, there is one restaurant that make it very nice.. it is not dry, a bit of sticky paste... and yet aromatic.. East Ocean Restaurant in Menglembu..

Pete said...

Claire : I think it came up to be about RM268 or 288, my brother in law belanja! LOL!

SJ said...

wow they even put the word air-cond after their restaurant name. to attract more customer yea. msia very hot mar. hehe.

From me to you, suejean =)

Christine said...

what a delicious looking banquet! and a great way to celebrate a special birthday.

ZQ Travels said...

wah 268 RM for 8 course meal.. i guess it must be a large group too. Sounds quite reasonable pricing. :-)

wenn said... the shark fins..

Ayie said...

i'll be busy too but eating definitely and catching up later on! hahaha

Pete said...

SJ : The place is all covered in glass, so definately go aircon...still put in the sign...LOL!

ZQ Travels: Food in Butterworth is very reasonably priced!

Wenn : My favourite too!

Ayie : Good to eat small light snacks......

smallkucing said...

LOL! I guess by the time you finish snapping photos, all the food were gone :P.

suituapui said...

Aiyor...when it comes to food, that must come first! Chit chat never mind with her...that can come later! LOL!!!...Wah! So nice brother-in-law bayar, makan free! Hahahahaha!

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday to you Mom-in-law!!

Dinner looks delicious, except the prawwns. Gorss! SHe sure is lucky.

Pete said...

smallkucing : Ya lor, all gone!

STP : Free makan, he he!

Tricia : Thks!


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