Monday, September 14, 2009

Homemade Air Sirap Bandung (Rose Flavoured) Drink Using Dragon Fruit Juice as Colouring

My son likes to drink Sirap Bandung and he would always ask me to buy a packet of it whenever I visit any Pasar Ramadan. Since the one sold commercially usually use Artificial Red Colouring, I decided to make my own version of sirap bandung. I have a bottle of artificial colouring agent, Cochineal Red but instead of using this, I used the juice from red Dragon fruit. But before you use the freshly squeezed juice you have to sieve it to remove the seeds, or else your sirap bandung drink would have little black objects floating in it! The aroma of the drink comes from the rose essence which you can buy from the cake and bakery section of any shops. I have tried to use natural rose tea to make sirap bandung but it did not turn out well. The rose aroma is just not strong enough. Ingredients for making Sirap Bandung Concentrate Water, 1 bowl Sugar, 8 table spoons or more. Dragon Fruit juice, 3 table spoons or more (alternatively you can use Cochineal Red, 2 drops) Pandan Leaves (Screw pine), 3 pcs Rose Essence, 3 to 4 drops, or to taste Sweetened condensed milk, to taste (0ptional) Bring water to a boil with the pandan leaves in it. Add sugar and stir until all the sugar is dissolve. Turn of the heat. Add dragon fruit juice and rose essence. Your sirap bandung concentrate is ready. To make the drink, put some of the concentrate in a glass and add the desired amount of plain drinking water. You can drink it with condensed milk added or without condensed milk. Serve chilled. Related Drinks Post 1) 2)


reanaclaire said...

u r really a good papa..going thru the effort and making the syrup for your son, the healthy way! as for me, i will tell my kids, dont drink this rose syrup bandung, go order something else! hahaa... that is me.. i prefer them to take fruit juices anytime..

Anonymous said...

Using dragon fruit is a better alternative to the artificial colouring. Great idea!

wenn said...

ic..we can use dragon fruits as colouring..good idea..

smallkucing said...

Good idea. I used Dragon Fruit for Jelly before and it turns out well. But hard to get the stain out when kena baju :(. Any tips on getting the stain out? :p

fufu said...

yeah nice!! what a healthy drink out there ya... erm...i miss air sirap with condensed milk =p

foongpc said...

I like drinking sirap bandung too but the artificial colouring puts me off! Why do they like to put in artificial colouring? I see some hawkers selling deep blue and green coloured waters during Ramadhan. Scared at the thought of drinking those!

Using dragon fruit to colour the drink red is a great idea! : )

Bengbeng said...

this is so interesting. i like it too but i never actually knew what air bandung was until today :)

peteformation I will come back on a regular basis to read your stuff.. we r both daddies who cook :) but of coz i am not as skilled as you. hahahah

Pete said...

Claire : Fruit juices would be a very much alternative, but then we parents sometime have to give in a little when the kids want something else....he he he!

Mei Teng : I like to use Dragon Fruit as colouring, real strong colours!

Wenn: Try it, very nice colour too!

Smallkucing : Rub some Dynamo liquid detergent and leave it overnight, very effective to remove dragon fruit stain!

Fufu : Quite nice if drink once a while!

Foongpc : Ha ha ha, if drink green ones, at night our eyes can shine like cats' eyes!

Bengbeng : Thks for visiting my blog. My cooking simply hentam one lah, he he he!

Ayie said...

wow, this sounds like a scent-ful drink =)

Pete said...

Ayie : Ya, the scent is really strong.....scent-ful drink, ha ha ha!


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