Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tasteless Black Pepper Chicken from ‘a’ Hypermarket

It was about dinner time and I have just finished meeting my clients. So I just drop by a Hypermarket on the way home to buy a roast chicken. Bought one black pepper roast chicken for around RM7 plus. It is cheap but small in size. They need to teach their worker how to chop the chicken! They cut into large chunks which made it not very appetizing. Anyway, when I got home and ate dinner with my family, I found that the black pepper roast was a little tasteless and not nice at all. It they could just enhance the aroma and taste a little bit, I am sure their roast chicken would be a hit with consumers. They should sack their food technologist! We only managed to finish a quarter of the chicken and I put the leftover in the fridge. The following day, I was wondering what to do with it, whether to make soup, porridge or re marinate, then fry it? I used Penang five spice powders to enhance the aroma and a lemon to add a little tartness. Then I rub the chicken with some corn flour, light soya sauce and a little honey. I fried the chicken in the wok for a short while. At the end, I managed to get everyone to eat all the chicken. He he he, no more leftovers!


Mei Teng said...

You gave the chicken a needed makeover! :)

Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and salad greens...yum.

suituapui said...

The meat from hyper & supermarts usually very soft like jelly - eating also feel geli2!!!

Pete said...

Mei Teng : Ha Ha, Chicken Makeover....LOL!

STP : Agree, kept too long liao!

mNhL said...

Should buy from Ayamas. Delicious but expensive. So wait till they have promotions (50% disc for the 2nd bird). Btw...good idea to make a different dish with the leftover chicken!

Ayie said...

hahaha it's usually tasteless form hypermarket, rare that i get something which truly satisfies my taste!

Pete said...

mNhL : Ya agree, Ayamas is nice....but very pricey.

Ayie : Mmmmm, I wonder how they interview the cook?


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