Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My American Friend and Singapore Topless Carwash

This is another coffee talk with my American friend at Ah Lian’s coffee shop. John was reading the morning paper and.............

John : Wow, this carwash in Singapore is offering titillating car wash experience for customers

Ah Lian : Oh, what is ‘titillating’ ahhh?

John : The car wash is offering topless women to wash their car! How can they do that! This is a disgrace to women’s image!

Ah Lian : Like that also can ah! Ah Kua (transvestite) or real girl? Nowadays, all Ah Kua also got ‘LTTL’ leh! The two things, ting ting tong tong here and there how to wash car topless larrrrr! He he he!

John : What the heck is ‘LTTL’?

Ah Lian : Aiya, John boy, LTTL is ‘Leng Tua Tua Liap’ in Hokkien lah! Means this one big big (pointing at you know where).

John : I have learned another few new Hokkien words today, all of which if I used will get me in trouble! I wonder what all the women NGOs will say about this offer by the Singaporean carwash.

Ah Lian : Aiyo, what to paiseh (shy) lah John, we are all adults. Want to wash my car or not this weekend?......wink wink!


fufu said...

my goodness... so funny =p wahahahaha

ladyviral said...

ROFL! Good one! Wanna wash my car?! Oh wait no car :P.

Pete said...

Fufu : Check it out when you return to Singapore, maybe can blog about your experience.....he he he!

ladyviral : No car never mind, Bicycle also can wash...ha ha ha!

Angie's Recipes said...

Still try to figure ‘Leng Tua Tua Liap' out...it doesn't sound Hokkien to me.....
Angie's Recipes

Pete said...

Angie : Ha ha ha, that is Penang Hokkien

Ayie said...

my car can go for a wash! hehe

Pete said...

Ayie : I think the cost for the wash must be pretty expensive, LOL!


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