Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Curry Assam Fish Head Recipe

Fish head is full of nutrients that are good for the skin. The best part is of course the lips and eyes which are full of collagen and Vitamin A. So, ladies if you want to have nice porcelain like complexion, then eat more fish head!.....especially curry fish head! LOL! I like to play around with the spices whenever I cook curry fish head. This is another version of curry fish head recipe. Check it out!

Kurau (Treadfin, Ma Yau) Fish Head (alternatively can use also Garoupa, Ikan Kerapu head), 1 pc
Shallots, 5 pcs
Curry powder, 5 table spoons
Turmeric Powder, 1 table spoon
Serai (lemon grass), 3 pcs
Assam Keping, 3 pcs
Lady Fingers, 5 pcs (Okra)
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Vegetable oil

Blend serai (lemon grass) and shallots together. Heat up wok and put in the vegetable oil. Sautéed serai and shallots mixture until fragrant, then add in the curry and turmeric powder. Put in the Assam Keping and add some water. Bring to a boil and add the Kurau Fish Head. Add in the okra (lady fingers), salt and sugar to taste.


Pei Pei said...

What a coincidence! I was thinking of cooking this Asam Fish (head) curry this weekend. And you posted it. Nice :) Thanks, I can try your recipe then.

Pete said...

Pei Pei : Wah, like that this weekend I can come over you house for lunch leh!

reanaclaire said...

hey, i also tot of cooking fish head this weekend.. bought one in Jaya Jusco last week, no chance to cook it yet... hahaa...now with recipe, easy la..

suituapui said...

I just use A1 Mountain Globe instant curry mix (for seafood)! Very easy and very nice!!! Me so lazy mah!!! (Fat people usually are! Hahahahaha!)

Pete said...

Claire : Wah, cooking this weekend, can I come over to eat?

STP : I guess I am a bit old fashioned, ingredients must use fresh ones....he he he!

Ayie said...

i love curry but not with fish...chicken or pork =)

Pete said...

Ayie : I also prefer chicken or pork....!


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