Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pre Wedding Food Tasting at Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant, Jln Kg Pandan, KL

It was the first day of Raya and I was at Dragon Boat Restaurant for a pre tasting of wedding dinner food. The restaurant has a good crowd and most of them are actually there for the dim sum. I went to the old location in Jalan Imbi and found that it has actually moved to Kg Pandan near the roundabout. I think there used to be a restaurant named ‘CIAO’ in this location. The new building is really huge and I guess they built specially to cater for weddings! The grand ballroom on the first floor can hold 160 tables and there are also 9 VIPs rooms. Anyway, by the time I made a detour and reached the restaurant, I found that the table was already ready and my brother in law outside looking for me. He made the booking for his wedding this coming year end and the restaurant offered this food tasting for half the actual price.
The first dish was the Four Hot and Cold Combination Platter. This platter consists of fried sotong (squid or maybe fish ball) with mayonnaise (it taste like mayonnaise to me), fried vegetable/chicken in vermicelli basket, crispy fried bean curd wrap and baby octopus (chuka iidako) with preserved jelly fish. The crispy fried bean curd wrap is nice. My daughter likes the fish ball and I ate most of the chuka iidako with jelly fish!
The next dish served was the Braised Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat Soup, which is simple and nice. The gooey starchy broth is smooth and full of flavours!
The Special Crispy Roasted Chicken is fried to perfection. The skin is very crispy and the chicken meat is tender. Taste real good with the plum sauce provided!
Prawn was served after the chicken. I think it was deep fried prawn with mayonnaise like sauce. The prawns are very succulent and sweet..........thumb up!
The white pomfret (bawal putih, tau teh) served was a medium large one. A table sized fish just nice for 10 persons. The pomfret goes down well with the soya sauce and cilantro. As usual, only the bones left! Yum Yum!
I sensed there was something not right when the Braised Mushroom and Broccoli dish came. My brother in law alerted the Captain and we found out that they missed out on the ‘tau kan’ ( wet bean curd blocks ). Wow, how can they miss out on the most important ingredients! Anyway, the gravy is good and broccoli is crunchy!
Then the fried rice with anchovies came. My tummy was already full but then a little helping of grainy aromatic fried rice won’t hurt! LOL!
Ahhhh, at last the dessert came. We were served Chilled Longan & Toddy Palm with light syrup and also Dragon Boat Sweet Fancy Dumpling. Nice sweet dessert to wrap up the sumptuous meal for the day!
Overall the food is nice except that the waitress were very slow in filling up our tea. The Captain promised that this won’t happen again during the actual day of the wedding dinner!
Here are some of the pictures I took at the seafood section outside the restaurant.
My types of lobster are stocked here. They have snow crab as well!
My favourite fish, the Soon Hock (Marble Goby) and Giant Crab!

Golden Dragon Boat Restuarant Sdn Bhd 10, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel : 03 92811313, 03 92816633, 03 92819933 Fax : 03 92826677
Email : golden_dragonboat@yahoo.com

Map To Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant, Jalan Kg Pandan, KL


mNhL said...

The crispy chicken with prawn crackers are my favourites + the plum sauce. Yumm yumm.... and the fried rice looks very delicious.

wenn said...

i like the shark fin soup..

Christine said...

ok, Pete, there must have been more than the two of you tasting all this yummy food!

suituapui said...

How much per table? Your sister's getting married? When? Not inviting me kah? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

P.S. I cannot go, Chinese tradition must send ang pao, yunno! LOL!!!

reanaclaire said...

wah..nowadays i see u makan-ing in restaurants quite frequent... hey, i like the dessert..dragon pau something...i m going to KL tomorrow.. but i m not familiar with the restaurants...sigh..

cleffairy said...

I love wedding dinners... foods are usually great... but I HATE giving angpow... lol... stingy eh?

Pete said...

mNhL : The chicken is good, well cooked

Wenn : My favourite too!

Christine : He he he, 10 of us!

STP : I think it is around 600 to 700 per table but we got it for half price for food tasting. Don't worry lah, I will not write pantun asking for ang pow....he he he!

Claire : Drop me your contact, if my work schedule permit, I can meet up with you!

Cleff : Ha ha, don't write your name on the ang pow lah....put less money, ROFL!

Ayie said...

they served a lot for pre food tasting! our were just a set of all courses for both of us

smallkucing said...

Crab meat soup looks lovely.

Pete said...

smallkucing : Simple and nice, yummy!

Anonymous said...

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