Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lunch and Karaoke At Neway One Utama New Wing

We had some leftover funds from one of our Agency Leaders training program and my business partner Shirleen which is our Group Treasurer organized a lunch and karaoke session at Neway One Utama. It was a nice gathering for all of us and Noraini who is staying overseas 7000km away managed to make it to this gathering as well. Kudos to Shirleen who managed to get every participating leader to attend this get together and help to liaise with Neway staff to get everything going smoothly! To capitalize on the special weekdays lunch and karaoke package of RM9.80 per person (excluding 15% tax) , we actually had this gathering on a Tuesday. Neway is a nice place and the sound system is quite good. Well, I must say that every one of us enjoyed the good food and karaoke singing session but most importantly we got together as a group again, FRIENDS FOREVER! Here are some of the random pictures I took!
Neway reception and our 'big' room with four sections, four miccorphones and 3 big screens located at strategic angles. Very nice and comfortable.
Getting our food at the salad bar and pasta section.
Fruits, salads and toast. Jam, peanut butter and other stuffs for the toast.
Jennifer's food selection.................................................CheaHos@n's food selection!
I think the first one is pumpkin soup. There was also lotus roots soup available.
The porridge section!
My set lunch of shrimps and tofu. I can't remember how it taste like because I was too busy entering songs into the system. The second picture is the notice board with all the available packages.

Neway Karaoke Outlets Address & Telephone Number, Website link and map customer@newaykb.com.my.
1) UtamaPetaling Jaya Level 5 & 6, 1 Utama, New Wing +603.7728.1499
2) Times SquareKuala Lumpur Level 4, Berjaya Times Square.+603.2143.3999
3) City SquareJohor Bahru Level 5, Johor Bahru City Square +607.228.1499
4) Jaya Square, SubangSubang Jaya Level 4, Jaya Square. +603.5637.5888
5) Casa Square, PuchongPuchong Level 2 & 3, Casa Square.+603.8070.8383
6) Cheras PlazaCheras Mezzanine Floor, Cheras Plaza.+603.9131.1499
7) KlangLevel 2, Centro Mall, Klang. +603.3344.2600


CheaHS@n said...

Thanks again to Shirleen and Pete for the silent "DJ" and "pornographer" of the day. Thumbs Up!

suituapui said...

Oooo....I love karaoke! MUST bring me when I go to KL!!! After dinner at your house - eating all the nice things that I've selected from your previous posts! ROTFLMAO!!!

ladyviral said...

buffet dinner... yummy~ looks like a lot of food was swept out :P.

Pete said...

STP : Aiya, aledy planned for vegetarian food and go for prayers with you leh.....ha ha ha!

Ladyviral : Actually it was lunch, dinner is RM30 plus leh.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. RM9.80 is a steal! So you're a karaoke king Pete? What songs did you sing?

Pete said...

Mei Teng : Ha ha, I am a lousy singer lah, just go there to have some fun and joke around. Everytime I sang, all my friends cannot eat their meal.......my voice too horrible. When I sang Speedy Gonzales, they laughed until the food came out from their mouth, ha ha ha!

Pete said...

Hosan : ha ha ha, good choice of word! LMAO!

ladyviral said...

Hahaha.. oops look like i missed that info you put in :P. duh so blur of me xD.

Anonymous said...

Omg... u make me hungry, hungry, hungry! I summore love to eat toasts- such comfort food!

kenwooi said...

the buffet served seems nice! you must have had lots of fun singing.. haha.. =D


Pete said...

ladyviral : No problem lah...he he he!

Cleff : Wah lah, it you go there, toast sure out of stock leh. ha ha ha!

Kenwooi : A good place for gathering!

Ayie said...

I'll go for the shrimps too!!!

Ayie said...

pete come visit my main blog =)


suituapui said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!! I think I'll go and look for some other people in KL.....

foongpc said...

What! Only RM9.80 per person and you can have all those food plus singing? Wow! Very worth it!! Must go! Must go!!


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