Monday, August 17, 2009

Chinese Rice Wine Tong Fun (Green Bean Transparent Noodle)

I grew a little bit tired of eating normal noodles like kuey teow and yellow egg noodles all the time. It is time to try something new. It was a rainy night and I told myself, ‘why not try to cook tung fun with Chinese wine!’ Anyway, it is quite nice to warm up the body with the Chinese wine in the tung fun soup in a cool rainy night. The recipe turns out quite ok.

Tung Fun, around one serving, soaks in water until it turns soft
Pork, 10 pcs, marinade in soya sauce, pepper and 1 teaspoon of corn flour
Prawns, 3 large prawns
Cilantro, 2 stalks, chopped finely
Sawi Vegetable, 5 leaves, cut into 1” length
Chinese cooking rice wine, 5 table spoons or more
Salt to taste
Garlic, 3 pcs, chopped finely and fried in oil until golden brown

Put a bowl of water in cooking pot and bring to a boil. Add the marinated pork and Chinese cooking rice wine. Add prawns, sawi and tung fun. Boil for a short while. Add salt to taste. Garnish with cilantro and garlic before serving. Taste good with cili padi (bird eye chili) in light soya sauce.


reanaclaire said...

tong fun is not so filling, i love to eat this, nice to bite.. but if soak too long, not so nice, hor? must be ngam ngam .. hey, can replace with misua also.. i like the misua from sitiawan, it is not tasteless like the ones the ones sold in sundry shop, the ones tied up with red strings.. the sitiawan misua is not so soft and has some saltish taste in it.. :)

Mei Teng said...

I like eating tong fun...clear soup or fried. Haven't eaten these in ages.

suituapui said...

Drool! I love anything like that in clear soup! Very refreshing...not too rich and heavy!

wenn said...

tung fun n misua r great most of the time.

ladyviral said...

Mee Suah :P is nice.

Tong Fun is nice. Though I prefer it fried than eaten with soup. :P

Josephine said...

hmm... I really 'pooi fook' u loh...
Cant think of the recipe according to the weather... Can cook so well also...

Ayie said...

Just looking at the dish, i like it. The shrimp and beef surely appetizing.

Pete said...

Claire Add misua also nice...add one egg...yummy!

Mei Teng : Not many stalls around that sell Tung Fan

STP : Clear soup stuff once a while ok lah,....sometime too plain leh!

Wenn : Tung Fan and misua are very easy to eat and digest...light food but good in filling the tummy.

ladyviral : I also like fried tung fan more than soup ones!

Josephine : Ha ha, think of recipe according to weather...LOL!

Ayie : Light and nice dish!

Christine said...

wow this looks like something simple enough for me to try, love soups and noodles, thanks for sharing

Pete said...

Christine : No problem, quite easy to cook.

Bengbeng said...

i had already bought the cooking wine. was looking for this recipe./ thanks.

Pete said...

Bengbeng : Your are welcome, hope it turn out good!


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