Friday, August 21, 2009

Hungry Ghost At Permatang Pasir Election Site

With the election campaign getting hotter and also the hungry ghost festival around the corner, two of these Hungry Ghosts that have just been released by the King of Hades found their way to Permatang Pasir, Butterworth.

Ah Kau : Wah, so many flags celebrating our homecoming ah?

Ah Too : Wah Lau leh, how come no Chinese characters on the flags ah? Only logos and they are not in triangle shaped anymore! No direction to follow leh!

Ah Kau : Where is the Kotai?

Ah Too : I hear some loudspeaker noise over there.....lets’ go and see!

Ah Kau : What is the Chinese speaker talking about ah? What is blogger?

Ah Too : That must be the modern Chinese Sai Kong lah (Taoist Priest)! Using microphone to chant some more leh!

Ah Kau : He said everything now online, everything www dot com. Want to do everything must go online leh! Cannot cover up already! Everything can check and post online!

Ah Too : Cannot cover up ah.?.....I heard online got many pictures also no cover up (naked) leh!

Ah Kau : No wonder no Kotai and no makan (food). Must ask my living relatives to burn some PC Notebooks, modem, wifi router, webcam and subscribe Hellnet for us leh!

Ah Too : Ya lor, next year we don’t have to travel to earth again to celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival. Just go online to watch Kotai! Some more got sexy singers with ‘no cover up dresses’ ha ha ha, Jolly good man!

Ah Kau : Instead of Blogger we can become Hellger! Ha ha ha!

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ladyviral said...

hahah! Hellger!

Japanese got an animation called Hell Girl :P.

Josephine said...

Today my angmo colleague ask me. You all burn paper car, paper money, paper gadgets. Why never burn paper food?
I donno how to answer...

I said:" because they are too light! By smelling the food, they will feel full.
Then my angmo colleague said:" you chinese very bad, u guys know "they" cant eat, but still u guys "tempt" them, and after prayer, u guys eat the offerings!!!"

Me become speechless after that!

EastCoastLife said...

I prepared paper laptops to burn for my ancestors. :P

SJ said...

lol. very funny la. hilarious indeed! haha. anyway, i like the 'mi gu' pics. the pink tortoises on each other are so adorable! =)

wenn said...

that's funny..may b could happen oh..

Pete said...

ladyviral : Ha, got Hell Girl also, I thought only got Hell Boy....LOL!

Josephine : ha ha ha, next time you tell him human are the worst hungry ghost.....LOL
Actually for me, I believe that burning all these things are just a ritual to remember the dead!
Every religion has it's own ritual or different way in praying.

Eastcostlife : Remember to subcribe broadband for them also. No broadband no fun. ha ha ha!

SJ : Ya, I love the Mi ku, these are taken from last years' event. I went pass the place just now and saw some miku on the altar. Going to take pictures afterward when the ceremony starts.

Wenn : Ha ha, confused ghost!

CheaHS@n said...

Haha yearly affair love the miku as it is sort of a "trend" among the old folks must have the 'tortoise miku' it gives them long live..

Pete said...

Bro Cheah : Miku taste very good with roast pork!

Chris said...

Yeah... very scary month..

Kathleen said...

i like being at the scene.

Pete said...

Chris : He he, only one month only lar...but then it will be Haloween again!

Kathleen : He he, This festival is full of colours and quite fun!

molly said...

Who knows, may be in future the internet and hellnet can be connected. LOL

Pete said...

molly : Wooo, that would be scary!

nikki said...

Sad...I think I missed Hungry Ghost Festival!! I am so out-tuned with the Chinese festivals these days...though I remember eating miku!!!!Aih!

Pete said...

Nikki : Hi Nikki, thks for dropping by my blog. Miku is nice, quite easy to make but then it is the festival atmosphere that makes it different. Hope to see u back here again soon. Cheers!

suituapui said... burn laptop, ipod and all the modern gadgets for one ancestors...and when they do not know how to use, they appear before you and ask you to teach, how leh? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* kotai ah? Omg, new house is near a temple...and I think horr, they turn on the speaker until all the way to hell oso can hear. So damn loud, and I got migraine for days!

btw, I'm making lamb chops tonite... lmao...dunno if it can turn out as nice as urs, Pete...

fufu said...

lol... i am just back from china...and yeah i know this festival and the ramadan as well

Pete said...

STP : Ha ha, that would be scary. I bet next year they will sell these stuff with operating manual as well, ha ha ha ha!

Cleff : Aiya, ask you hubby to dance with you to the Kotai music lah....then migraine go away!
Wah, lamb chop, Cleff cook sure nice one lah.....I can smell it now....LOL!

Fufu : Hah, you are back from you travels? Good timing, now lots of festival coming up! Welcome back Fufu!

Bengbeng said...


Pete said...

Bengbeng : Glad you like it, Cheers!


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