Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coffee Shop Talk With my American Friend - Rare Earth Plant

My morning coffee shop talk with my American friend continues;.........the controversial rare earth plant.

John : Hey Pete, good morning.

Pete : Hi John, good morning. How's your night outing with Ah Beng last night? You guys manage to catch any 'radiation' from the girls that hang out at the night spot? ha ha ha!

John : Ho ho, no Pete. Talking about radiation, I think these protesters are going all out against the rare earth plant set up.

Ah Beng : What rare earth yo? Earth also got rare wan(one) meh?

Ah Lian : ha ha ha, Rare, Medium and Well Done Steak I know lah! John taught me wan.....

Ahmad : he he he, sedikit masak (rare), separuh masak(medium) and masak penuh (well done).

Pete : ha ha ha! Rare Earth are metals or minerals that are found scattered around our earth crust, very      seldom in concentrated area, thus the name Rare.....
Most of  the gadgets and devices you use today have these elements in them. However, the by product or waste of these useful metal are mild radiactive slurries......and also very toxic acid is used in the refining process.

Ah Lian : ooooo, wei, how come you know so much?

Pete : I love to read books about particle physics and nuclear stuff! Maybe, I should apply for a job there.......

Ah Lian : Better not Pete,......nanti, your 'thing' kenot (cannot) function properly, then you know....ha ha ha

John :  So, Ah Beng, you better wear Lead (plumbum) swimming trunk when you go swimming in the east coast next time........or else you will find funny things happening to your 'little brother'! ha ha ha

Ah Beng : Whatttt! Takut (scared) lerrrr!

Ahmad : Wah, like that, ask these people to go back their country lah!

Pete : But, they already invested so much to set up the plant leh!

Ahmad : Itu dia orang punya pasal lah! Mereka kata tak bahaya, kenapa tak bina kilang nadir bumi (rare earth) di Putrajaya! Di belakang jamban rumah mereka tu lagi baik !
(That is their own problem. If it is not dangerous, then ask them to build the plant in Putrajaya. Next to their own home toilet even better)

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Sheoh Yan said...

Lol! Very interesting topic was discussed. You make know more about Lynas. Thanks.

wendyinKK @ Table for 2..... or more said...

This is good.
Actually many ppl are still ignorant about this matter.
Hope to see you blog more about partial physics and nuclear knowledge :)

Hayley said...

It's all about Lynas these days, sigh...

yvonne said...

Wakakaka! Funny conversation on Lynas, especially the side effect on men health :p

suituapui said...

Politikus post... Bye-bye!!!

YES, I AM NOT A ROBOT!!! Tsk! Tsk!

[SK] said...

i think the best place to build the plant is the reclamation beside sydney opera house~~ :p

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Good and fun talk. This time a lof of Malaysian woke up and fight for the best。

lena said...

hope that the govt will take heed of the people's concerns..haaiz..