Monday, November 9, 2015

Tiger Bites Street Food Party at Avenue K

I have been out of the blogging scene for quite sometime due to busy work schedule. Anyway, I joined hundreds of foodies on 7th Nov 2015 at Avenue K for Tiger Beer Street Food Party! It was an interesting and eventful party and my Facebook friends & followers received live updates of the events (#MYTigerBites).
A night with lots of Tiger Beer, scrumptious street food, fanfare and great performance by our local bands! Made a few new friends too!

Here comes the Tiger Bites! Roarrrrrrrrrrrr! Peteformation is ready to Rock the night away!

Spent 20 minutes looking for a parking spot in Avenue K. By the time I arrived at the roof stop, there was already a huge crowd there. Nice view of KLCC and Menara Maxis from Avenue K rooftop. Slowly sipping my Tiger Beer cocktail while enjoying the atmosphere and scenery.

Grab a Tiger Beer at Happy Hour Street counter! 

First street meal......Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce! Yummy!

Hawkers all the way from Penang! Jalan Burma Curry Mee and Kampung Malabar Lor Bak!

Penang Char Kueh Teow has the longest queue.......

Waiting for my Penang from the deep frying wok!

Another favourite stall with long queue. Chicken, Duck, Char Siew and Roast Pork Rice!

Managed to grab a plate of Char Kueh Teow! Wow, look at the big prawn!

After all the good street foods....time to get some sweet Mak Nga Tong candy! Uncle also has the hard traditional Ting Ting candy as well.....

Tummy full! Time to hop over to the games counter......

Keropok eating contest! With Tiger Beer of course! go! go!......

The sign says it all! Yummmmmmmmm Sengggggggggg! Adoi, like wedding party lor! Lol!

Pretty Tiger Beer ladies posing for a photo!

Yours Truly here, Oppps, wifey gonna lock me out of the house!

Fuyuh, I thought what was happening after taking photo with the Tiger beer ladies.....suddenly there was smoke and clanking of pots & pans! 

Ha ha ha, Surprise......2 Lok Lok trucks making way into the 

No one near the lok lok trucks yet.....maybe they are still surprised!

Spoke too comes the crowd surrounding the lok lok trucks. 

Lok Lok Uncle busy BBQing away!

The performances of the night kick off with Talitha and Friends!


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