Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Volunteer Firefighters of Raja Uda, Butterworth (Pasukan Bomba Gotong Royong Raja Uda Butterworth)

The Community Fire Station on Raja Uda main road, Butterworth.
(Pasukan Bomba Gotong Royong Raja Uda Butterworth)
Raja Uda, Butterworth used to be known as a notorious place. It was very common to hear stories of gang fight and extortion from this area. However, the Raja Uda I knew in the past is no longer notorious and businesses are thriving in this area. This place is a shopping heaven for ladies! There a lots of boutiques, clothes vendors and ladies accessories along the whole stretch of Raja Uda Road. All items are sold at very reasonable prices. I have heard that people from nearby town and also Penang Island would travel all the way to shop here. So, if you don’t mind shopping at a crowded area near a wet market, then head for this place if you happen to visit Butterworth. The food here is good too! Many years back there are many attap (palm leaves) and wooden houses in Raja Uda, so during Chinese New Year, while playing with fireworks brought joy to some, it often set off uncontrollable fires to houses here! During that time we only have one fire station that serve the whole Butterworth district. Therefore, it was very common that by the time the fire engines arrive at the scene most of the houses were already burned to the ground. Some of the businessman and residents in this area came out with the idea of starting their own private fire brigade. Most of the volunteers are hawkers, pork sellers, normal working residents and other business owners. Whenever there is a fire, these volunteers will drop whatever they are doing and rush to their community fire station, don the fire fighter uniform and protective gears. They will then drive their fire engines to the scene and put out the fire. Their response time is faster because their private fire station is located in the heart of Raja Uda. Today, this fire station is still operating and fully supported by everyone here. Bravo, to all the contributing residents and businessman!


suituapui said...

What food...? Hahahahaha!!!

foongpc said...

Pity I could not see the photo. Don't know why, take ages to download, so not waiting anymore! : )

cleffairy said...

Should have private ambulance too... =P

Stungray said...

Pete for a moment thought you are promoting "fire burnt chicken" - (hoay seo kay -hokkien) as main course for CNY reunion dinner? haha

lcfu said...

balai bomba?? lol

Calvin Soo KJ said...

should have private everything too....hehehehe


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