Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan 2012 Olympics Final, On Which TV or Media Channel?

Well, this is not a  food post from me but like all Malaysians, I am equally excited about the final badminton match between Datuk Lee Chong Wei against Lin Dan at the London 2012 Olympics. The Malaysian time for the match would be at 8 o'clock tonight (5th August 2012). If Chong Wei wins tonight, he will be the first Malaysian to deliver an Olympic goal for our country!

Wanna know which tv channels are showing this final match?

 Well, you can watch this Olympic badminton finals smackdown between Datuk Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan on these TV or Media channels,

1) Astro - EO 10 SD (829) and EO 10 HD (849)
2) Maybe on RTM TV1
3) If you are on the go, you can log into Official Olympic Youtube Channel at this link (

Yay!, go go for it Datuk Lee!



foongpc said...

Yay!! Less than 2 hours to go before we will witness history in the making. Not sure if it's history for China or Malaysia though, but I hope Chong Wei wins!!!!

Hayley said...

Watching it now... Kinda kan cheong.. Really hope Dato wins!

Love2cook Malaysia said...

Yeahhhh me watching too! What a nail-biting match! Go go go DLCW!!!!

3rd set now...almost there!

James said...

Anyone know where you can watch a replay of the match???

Anonymous said...

ok, ive noticed that noone didnt cap that final, so ive decided to cap it and put it on internet, i hope im gonna survive without lwa suit...