Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bao Bao Recipe Restaurant, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

It has been a long time since the last time I ate at any restaurant in this area. After discussion with my brother in law’s fiancés family regarding their wedding plans and customary procedures, we went over to eat lunch at Bao Bao Recipe Restaurant. Bao Bao occupies 2 shop lots, one with air-conditioning and one side without. The owner, a friendly guy was at the door to welcome us. We ordered sotong (squid) curry, lemon chicken, baked tilapia, braised meat, fried spinach, claypot tofu and kung po chicken. The sotong (squid) curry taste good and has a nice aroma. It helps to increase appetite, just need this one dish to finish my rice. The curry is served with a variety of vegetables. The lemon chicken is crispy and the sweetness of the sauce blends nicely with a tinge of sourness from the lemon. This dish is my kid’s favourite. The baked tilapia was the last dish served, by that time I was already quite full so I did not each much of it. The tilapia is baked in nice thick black sauce that is a little bit spicy. This dish is the restaurant signature dish. There is nothing much to comment about the clay pot tofu except the serving is quite generous. The dish that I like the most was the braised pork. The smell of star anise in the sauce makes the dish taste very good. Just dip the man tou that are served with this dish, yummy! The kung po chicken was served in yam ring. The yam ring is flaky and I love the taste very much. Bao Bao Recipe Restaurant is a very nice family restaurant. The bill came up to be RM180.00 for 10 adults and 2 children. Address: Bao Bao Recipe Restaurant No 22 and 22A Jalan Temenggung 13/9 Seksyen 9 Bandar Mahkota Cheras 43200 Cheras Selangor Tel : 03 90105528 Joe Lee 012 6901889 Map to Bao Bao Recipe Restaurant, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

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Josephine said...

I feel like eating sotong!
Hot plate sotong with sambal.... yummy!

eunice said...

I have eaten many nice food in both Ipoh and Penang, but not those in KL. Next month we are driving up to KL to meet relatives.. hmm I wonder if we have the chance to taste any good food in KL!

levian said...

the way you described the squid, it makes my mouth all watery already. :)

suituapui said...

Food looks great! Too bad dunno all the nice places to eat in KL...just Jalan Alur! Yucky and expensive!

fufu said...

braised pork + man tao = my favourite!! hohohohoho =p bring me there when go you there next time ok?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

aw so damn hungry now. RM180 bucks is quite cheap. i wonder if im there, would the price be the same...lolz. im bound to order more :P

Pete said...

Josephine : Sotong real god, my favourite

Eunice : KL has a wide varieties of good food. Your relatives should know some the good locations.

Levian : Ha ha, the love the sotong curry

STP : Have not been back to Jalan Alor for a very long time. I don't like the place also.

Fufu : Sure

Calvin : Wah, so many dishes already lorrr, cannot tummy very small leh! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Foods are nice but staffs are rude and barbarian. I didn’t mean want to spoil their reputation. But this incident happened to me recently when I park my car and went to eat at another restaurant beside.
I did horn very long but no one bother to come out and I have my 3 young kids waiting in the car. After went into this restaurant to check and only they claimed that I shouldn't park at current spot and used another car to block and not allowing my car to come out.
(I park my car right in front of car maintenance shop which not in front of their shop! Am I done wrongly and no law is allowed to outer parking lots as yours!)
I found out that they are fighting over parking lots with next restaurant. Being a customer, I shouldn’t be treated this way and furthermore shouldn’t take others parking lots as yours.
I will not go back to this restaurant as they are so rude no matter how good their foods.
Well if you are planning to go there; JUST BE Caution!