Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slowly Baked Beggar Chicken Copy Cat Recipe

Uncooked chicken with Chinese herbs. All wrapped up in aluminium foil before baking My copy cat Beggar Chicken all done and ready to eat. Only bones left in split seconds!

The original Beggar chicken covered in clay bought from Jalan Kuching in my previous post No more quickie recipe to post, so now I am writing about Slowwwwwlyyyy Cook Beggar Chicken Copy Cat Recipe. I tried to make Beggar Chicken, like the one I bought from Jalan Kuching, minus the clay of course! LOL! The Chinese herbs I used are the same as the original Beggar Chicken and instead of baking it in charcoal amber, I used my electric oven. Anyway, the final taste and flavour were almost similar to the original beggar chicken although the aroma of my copy cat chicken is not that strong. Here is the recipe that ‘Superman’ won’t like! Ha ha ha!

Half Chicken (I used half because that is the only one I have in my fridge that day)
Tong Kwai, 2 slices,
Huaishan, 2 slices
Hongzao (Red Dates), 5 pcs
Kei Chi (Qizi, Lycium barbarum), 1 table spoon
Yuk Chuk, 10 slices
Tong som (Dang Shen), 1 pcs
Chinese Rice Wine, 1 table spoon
Soya Sauce, 2 table spoons
Salt to taste
A little water

Put the chicken in an aluminium foil and add in all the other ingredients. Cover the top part with another aluminium foil and seal the joints by folding it so that the steam would not escape during baking. Bake the chicken in a preheated oven at 200 Deg C for around 2 hours. Served while still hot! Happy ‘slow’ cooking! LOL!

Benefits of Chinese Herbs
1) Huaishan (Discorea Yam, Dioscorea opposita) – Improve digestion, respiratory function, kidneys and increases vitality(Qi).
2) Hongzao (Red Dates, Ziziphus jujuba) – Improve Qi (vitality), nourishes the blood and reduces stress.
3) Yul Chuk (Polygonatum root, Polygonatum odoratum) – Moisturises our internal organ, balances Yin energy, clear wind and softens the sinews.
4) Tong Kwai (Angelica Sinensis Root, Radix Angelicae sinensis) – Stimulating effect on the uterus, tonic for blood and regulating menses, lubricate the bowels, improve immune system, antioxidant, protect digestion system and improve blood circulation.
5) Tong Som (Dang shen, Salvia Root, Dang Shen (Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae)) – Tonic for the blood, spleen, stomach, Qi, lungs and lowers blood pressure. It also can increase our white blood cells count. 6) Kei Chi (Lycium Berries, Lycium Barbarum) – Brighten the eyes, moistens the lungs and enriches Yin energy.


Christine said...

thanks Pete. I may just use the contents of a ready made herbal soup mix I have, saves me the trouble of finding all those individual herbal medicines.

suituapui said...

Very popular dish at one time in Chinese restaurants. Now my missus can cook that - not so crazy over it anymore. Hahahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

You've done well in this recipe as only bones left in split second! :)

How much is the beggar chicken from Jalan Kuching?

xin said...

hey my mummy is an expert!!!! and and, there is another quick all-in-one ingredients sold in a pack - the name is imperial chicken or something, and it tastes awesome too! and hey u know what? try adding carrot, potato chunks together in the foil too :D my mom always does that, so we have vege n meat in a single dish

manglish said...

AHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHHAAHAH who did u serve it to? hahahaha too bad i cant make this, but my nyonya thing is coming this wkend i hope if i find the time hehee

mNhL said... many ingredient. Bet the soup are tasty till the last drop!

Pete said...

Christine : Less hassle to make this using prepacked herbs....I have lots of type of herbs in my fridge....LOL!

STP : Love the tender chicken cooked this way.

Mei Teng : A small one cost me RM23

Xin : Good idea to add in the vegetables! Next time I will try that! thanks

Manglish : Ha ha, my kids sapu all within minutes...LOL! Happy weekend cooking!

mnhl : The soup very thick and sweet, nice leh!

Merryn said...

Your anak(s) very lucky leh.. their Daddy can cook :) My hubs.. only knows how to boil water.. at least my Dad can fry egg! :D

Pete said...

Merryn : But all my kids still very skinny lorr. Hah, next time I will open cooking class for hubs only....LOL!

cleffairy said...

LOL... as i expected lah. LOL... this entry would be 'strong and wild, slow and easy... but the herbs, not so easy to find. I dun tink i'll cook this tho... wait the Superman become too super cuz eat too much herbs, i susah! Ahahahaha!

*cleffy singing away*

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul so completely
I love the way you love me

Better go away liao, wait get whack for singing like a frog! LOL...

cleffairy said...

@Merryn... sobsob! My husband sama je like ur William.. =( cook maggie oso belum tentu pass! Must sumbat to Pete's quickie class... mwahahahaha!

Pete said...

Cleff : I like the description lah! Next time my restaurant name would be Peteformation Strong and Wild, Slow and Easy Beggar Chicken. ha ha ha!

Ahhhh, long didn't cook already...this week will hunt for frogs! LOL!

reanaclaire said...

i think we can steam it also, right?

Pete said...

Claire : Yes, can steam also. I baked it because I wanted to add some burned aroma to it.

Annie Q said...

AH! Baked! Usually at home we steam it instead of bake. Maybe should try the baked way next time. :) Another great idea. :)


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