Friday, May 29, 2009

Barbecue Galore!

Hot hot hot yummy lamb shoulder!
My kids love barbecued food and they would often bug me to prepare this type of food for them. The charcoal fire smell on barbecued food tastes delicious. Luckily, I did not ask my renovation contractor to cement the garden behind my house. At least there is a green patch left in my house, which is suitable for me to carry out my barbecuing activities! Here is some of the food stuff that we barbecued that day! Barbecued lamb often tastes good and you really can’t go wrong with the marinade. I marinated this lamb shoulder with turmeric, pepper, lemon, corn flour, salt and sugar. Then I barbecued them using slow charcoal fire. My kids finished all the lamb shoulder as soon as I cooked them!

Yummy and spicy chicken!

I took a piece of chicken thigh from my freezer and marinated it with chilli, cumin, coriander, turmeric, salt, sugar and lemon. Then I barbecued it using the slow charcoal fire until the skin turned crispy. My kids love the taste very much. While I was busy barbecuing away, only the chicken bones were left, so I did not get to try it!

Then I marinated some pork belly with five spice powder, pepper, salt and sugar. The burned pork fat leaves some nice aroma, sweetness and taste on the meat. I squeezed some lime juice on it after barbecuing for added flavors! I have also marinated some prawns in lime juice, pepper, a little salt and sugar. My kids don’t take whole prawns, so this dish is all for daddy! Ha ha ha......yummy prawns!


fufu said...

i love grilled prwans time if you cant finish them...FedEx me some :) hihihi....yeah bbq lamb yumyumyum...the best bbq lamb i had was in new zealand.... =p

suituapui said...

Next time I go KL, you hold BBQ, can or not? Then I can help you eat the prawns! LOL!!!

Pete said...

Fufu : Sure can Fedex. BBQ lamb in NZ should be good because the meat is fresh!

STP : Ha Ha, like that I have to buy lots of prawn lorrr! LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG! BBQ! I very long never attend BBQ liao. =( Okay, now you get the hint, invite me over to eat. LMAO!

Pete said...

Cleff : Can can......can tapao to you office also leh!

Anonymous said...

haha bbq my favourite..
but i always lazy to stand there and bbq the chicken.. lol..
get someone to do it for me..
i know, im bad.. hahaa.. =P


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