Friday, May 15, 2009

Peteformation Nasi Lemak (Malaysian Coconut Milk Rice) Recipe

Nasi Lemak (coconut milk rice) is one of the most popular foods for Malaysian especially for breakfast. I have modified this nasi lemak recipe a little bit to suit my children taste buds. Instead of using normal anchovies, I used dried white bait anchovies which is more crispy and easy for them to eat because they are smaller in size. I cook vegetarian curry with long beans and okra as gravy for the nasi lemak.

Milk from ½ coconuts
Rice, 2 small cups
Pandan (screw pines) leaves, 3 pcs
A little salt

Wash rice and add in the coconut milk up to around 2cm above the rice. Put in the pandan leaves and salt. You can steam or cook the rice in a rice cooker. Stir the rice with a fork or wooden ladle immediately after it is cooked so that the coconut milk will be mixed well with the rice.

For vegetarian curry, please refer to my vegetarian blog through this link Simple Recipe – Vegetarian Curry - Halal The nasi lemak is best eaten with hard boil eggs and cucumber garnish. Bon appétit!

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Mei Teng said...

You're a cooking dad! Good on you. Most men leave cooking to their wives.

I love nasi all-time Msian favourite.

cleffairy said...

Mei Teng... Yalorr.... alot men really kanasai wan! Dun even know how to cook rice. *SIGH*

All hail Pete! long live Pete! LMAO!

Pete said...

Mei Teng : Thks for dropping by my blog. Agree, nasi lemak is Msian all time many version also!

Cleff : Wah, hentam men again. Just had hot oil burn on my face leh, while frying fish. Cooking can be dangerous! LOL

Baby said...

the only thing i like about nasi lemak is the nasi only


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