Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grouper Fish with Sweet Soya Sauce and Garlic Recipe

This is a very simple home cook recipe. You have a choice of frying the fish till it turned crispy or just nicely cook. I would prefer to use thin grouper fish cut and fry it until crispy. The crispy grouper fish cut go along well with sweet soya sauce and crispy fried garlic. You can use sweet Japanese soya sauce or just use our normal light soya sauce and add in some sugar to it.

Grouper Cut, 3 pcs
Light Soya sauce, 2 tablespoons
Garlic, 3 pcs, chopped finely
Sugar, 1 teaspoon or to taste
Ginger (optional), cut into strips
Oil for deep frying
Spring onions for garnishing

Deep fry grouper cut in hot oil until crispy. Remove and put aside. Pour the deep frying oil in to a storage container but leave a little of it in the wok. Sauté garlic and ginger with the remaining oil until they turned golden brown. Pour in a little water and then add in the soya sauce. Bring to a boil and add in the sugar. Pour the sauce on the deep fried fish and garnish with spring onions.


smallkucing said...

interesting. I thought it was tomato sauce when you mentioned sweet and sour. Any recipe for mango fish ah? had it once in restaurant. Taste very nice.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic style that I love too. Simple and tasty

reanaclaire said...

last time my mum taught me to add a dash of sugar to the soy sauce and ginger.. then pour over the fried fish on the plate.. the kids will have more appetite.. :p

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

this is one of the way i usually cook the fish, simple and yummy!

mNhL said...

My son would love this dish! so appetizing.

Jen Cheung said...

yum yum yum. i love fish like this. especially with the soya sauce too!

have a lovely day
jen @

Claudia Sibert said...

hey if you know of any cheap caterers, do let me know. so i can use them for future events!


MaryMoh said...

Mmmm...this looks very country and delicious...what my mom used to cook for us. We love the sauce over the rice...delicious.

PFx said...

I remember having this at my grandpa's. Oww sweet memories!

suituapui said...

Sometimes this type of fish is what we call "loh ko" - kind of hard...esepcially the big ones, and they sell in slices/steaks. How can we tell?

Pete said...

smallkucing : Will check out the mango recipe

Claudia : Sure, will send you some

STP : As long as the cut no more than 6 " in diameter, the fish shouldn't be loh ko but sometimes those imported ones are preserved with formalin...(toxic) so it become loh ko, better avoid those imported ones, no flies would go near fish preserved in formalin.

tuti said...

fish means bones!!! *screams*

Merryn said...

u made everything sound so simple!!! n yummy :D

Ayie said...

it's very easy to dress crispy fried fishes. It simply compliments almost everything


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