Sunday, June 5, 2011

Special Three Treasure Prawn and Tofu Dish (Sounds Like Expensive Restaurant Dish Pulak!)

This is one of my weekend recipes.  I was thinking, since I will be deep frying the prawn, why not fry the tofu that I have in the fridge as well. My family ended up having their weekend dinner with a plate of 3 types of dishes in it! LOL!

Dish 1 - KFC Flour Deep Fried Tofu
Tofu, cut into cuboid blocks
Any fried chicken flour off the shelf

Heat up wok and put in vegetable oil for deep frying. Coat the tofu with the fried chicken flour. Deep fry the tofu until they turned golden brown.

Dish 2 - Plain Fried Tofu
Fresh Tofu, cut into cubes

Deep fry the tofu in high eat until the skin turned golden brown. Don't fry it too long or it will become tough.

Dish 3 - Prawn Fritters
Please refer to my, Deep Fried Prawn Fritters Recipe post.

Arrange all the dishes on the serving plate as shown in the above photo before serving.


reanaclaire said...

One word for you.. "Geng"

lena said...

pour some rojak sauce and make indian rojak, can or not?

Christine said...

nice platter you put together! looks delicious.

suituapui said...

My daughter would love this - all deep fried stuff. Ummmmm....maybe have to do something about the presentation. LOL!!!

Small Kucing said...


Happy Chang Festival to you

yvonne said...

Hmm... I'll eat all the prawn fritters and leave the tofu aside, can??

Hayley said...

Looks yummy la...

Bananazஇ said...

Wow! Diamond prawns and sapphire tofu, great treasures indeed.

Alice Law said...

KFC flour deep fried tofu wor, kids sure like it lar!;D