Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jaya Noodle House

After a few drinks with my old buddy in a pub near SS2, we went over to Jaya Noodle House for dinner. This eatery moved to Jaya One from its’ old location in Jaya Supermarket in SS14. This restaurant has been operating in Jaya Supermarket building for quite a long time. My friend is regular customer in this restaurant and he recommended that I try the curry mee. We ordered two bowls of curry mee and one plate of fried taugeh (bean sprout) with salted fish. The curry mee gravy is nice and creamy. Penang style of curry mee is my favourite but this southern type of curry mee tasted is ok to me. The chili, when added to the curry mee soup gave it an extra kick. Yummy! I like the fried taugeh very much. The salted fish is very crunchy and the wok hei (smoky) smell of the dish is very appetising. One bowl of curry mee cost RM7.90 (tax not included) and the taugeh (beansprout) with salted fish cost RM12.00 (tax not included). Well this is the price to pay for a well air conditioned, clean and ambient restaurant. Jaya Noodle house is a good place to have a family meal. Address: 35-LG2, Block C, Jaya One No. 72, Jalan University, 46200, Petaling Jaya Tel : +603 79542639 Map to Jaya Noodle House, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya


mommy to chumsy said...

i used to frequent this place when it was at jaya supermarket. now it's quite inconvenient :( i like their dry noodles but the curry ones are not so good.

Pete said...

Mommy : Mmm, maybe next time I will try the dry noodles.

Ayie said...

food food and more food with pete! you post really so fast!

Pete said...

Ayie : Ha ha , they don't call me Speedy Gonzales for nothing...ha ha ha. Got lots of food photos in my hard disk...need to clear more space...LOL!


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