Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coffee Shop Talk with my American Friend- 1Malaysia and 1MCA

This is another breakfast coffee shop talk with good American Friend in Ah Lian’s Cafe.......

John : First the government promotes 1Malaysia and now you have MCA promoting 1MCA, 1Team.

Me : Yup John, the political scenes are getting interesting. Even many companies worldwide are talking about mergers and takeover. I guess this a way to build ones’ strength.

Ah Lian : Ya lor, now got so many kopitiam (coffeeshop) competing with me. There are White Kopitiam, Kuang Kopi Tiam, Uncle Lim Kopitiam, Papa Kopitiam, Grandma Kopitian, Father in Law Kopitiam and god knows what kopitiam will come up next! I am going to talk to my competitors to merge our business together. Say yes to, Ah Lian’s 1Kopitiam!

John : Sounds like a good idea. It will bring your coffee shop business to another level.

Ah Lian : Hah, you think that way too ah! Wah, we are so compatible. John boy, when are we going to ‘merge’ heh?

Me : Mua ha ha ha haha!

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~dolly~ said...

muahaha.. your friends are cool!

TZ said...

Dude, thanks for dropping by my new blog :)

Since our lovely prime minister have the slogan 1Malaysia... we seems like have so many one. 1MCA, 1Region, 1World etc ... maybe we need a shampoo brand called 1Shampoo. hahahah.... :p

Pete said...

dolly : Cool coffeeshop talk

TZ : Ha ha, all in one....can market products better, politicians also copy! LOL!


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