Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baked Kerisi Bali (Sharptooth Snapper, Scientific name Pristipomoides Typus) with Lemon and Kaffir Lime Leaves Recipe

Actually I wanted to avoid frying the Kerisi Bali fish because it is messy and not really that healthy. So I thought maybe I just bake them in the oven and this can save me some time to do other things. I got this Kerisi Bali fish from a Sungai Besar, wholesaler. I am not into fish but my kids and wife love fried kerisi fish. I lined the bottom of the baking tray with kaffir lime leaves for extra flavour and also to ensure that the fish would not stick to the aluminum foil. You can substitute the kaffir lime (limau purut) leaves with banana leaves. Here is the recipe

Kerisi Bali, 4 table size
Lemon, 1, cut into slices
Curry powder, 2 table spoons
Chili paste, 1 table spoon
Salt to taste
Butter, table spoon
Onion, 1 pc, cut into rings
Vegetable oil, 1 table spoon
Kaffir lime leaves, 20 pcs

Rub fish with curry powder, chilli paste, salt, oil and butter. Arrange kaffir lime leaves on the baking tray. Put the marinated fish on top of the kaffir lime. Decorate the top part of the fish with more kaffir lime leaves, lemon slices and onions. Bake in preheated oven at 200 Deg C for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve while still hot with chilli padi in soya sauce and a little lime juice.


Cheryl said...

Sure looks very good to me.

manglish said...

yeah i agree..bake is butter ar? sure nice lar hahahhaa

suituapui said...

Ooo...they look good! Bet they taste superb!

Mei Teng said...

Kerisi fish is something new to me. Never heard of it before. I don't really know the names of the fish I maybe have eaten this before without knowing its name. I love eating fish and preferably steamed.

Christine said...

I love fried fish, but baked is healthier. Nice combination of spices, I should try that sometime before I bake.

wenn said...

i hvn't baked a fish before. i should try that one day.

AL said...

I think we have that kind of fish here but only we have a different name for that. It looks crispy, I like fried fish so much.


mNhL said...

Sound SOUR to me. appetizing.

eugene said...

I have never heard of that kind of fish either, what do you call that in Hokkien,bro?

I guess bake fish will not taste as good as grill, right?

take care bro,,,,

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Never heard of Kerisi fish, anyway, just look at the herbs you add in, must be very good aroma!!

Cleffairy said...

LOL... Cikgu oredi here. Ahahahaha....he loves fish. But fish not for me. I takut tulang.

reanaclaire said...

sure looks good to me too! we love fish.. more than any meat anytime.. fish nowadays are more expensive than meat.. esp the bawals.. one fish sure not enough one.. btw, i dont know what is kafir leaves.. must go cari in supermarket..

Bananazക said...

Heard my leaves being used here haha. Sorry not good in fish names got bad habit just eat but did not ask. Maybe from now have to learn at least to know the names even though I do not cook. TQ

fufu said...

wow wow wow.... by looking at the picture... omg i wanna have it for today's breakfast!!

reanaclaire said...

my girl and i love fish too, prefer it more than eating meat.. they are more expensive than meat nowadays.. btw, what is kaufir leaves?

KennyT said...

I am sure the snappers smell good coz u used lemon and kaffir!

[SK] said...

what is a snapper fish?? you know, i can only differentiate a sardine because it's common, and salmon because it's flesh is pinkish orange.. other types of fish, sorry~~ :p

smallkucing said... delicious looking some leftover for this kucing or not? Bones also can la

umihoney said...

kerisi is nice..thank you for sharing ,im sure this is good.

Pete said...

Cheryl : A little spicy dish!

Manglish : Ha ha, butter does the trick!

STP : There are nice with hot chilly!

Mei Teng : Very likely the restaurant will not sell this fish because it is not they will earn less. Economy rice stall might have this fish.

Christine : This recipe is a little spicy but nice!

Wenn : Easy, fast and healthy to bake than fry!

AL : Kerisi is a very common fish!

MnHL : Agree....sour...can make us drool! LOL!

Eugene : Ha ha, I always call it kerisi...mmmm can't remember the Hokkien name now, but will add to this post if I remember! LOL!

Sonia : Ha ha I like the kafir lime smell.

Cleff : Fish good for complexion need to use all the ladies stuff for skin care....he he he!

Claire : I normally try to avoid bawal because sometime they are imported from neighbouring countries and contain preservatives because bawal is expensive. Kafir lime leaves aka Tomyam leaves.

Bananaz : Ha ha ha, next time I try to use banana skin....mmmm wonder how it will turn out? LOL!

Fufu : Wah fish for breakfast, to light, can get hungry real fast!

Claire : Kafir lime aka Tomyam leaves.

Kenny T : Smells good hot from the oven!

SK : Snapper normally have wider bodies but looks flat and thin from the top....there are many types of snappers.

Pete said...

Smallkucing : Cannot eat bones.....I give you some fish meat! LOL!

Umihoney : Hah, you like kerisi too. My kids favourite fish

petite nyonya said...

i can almost smell the aroma of this! yummy!


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