Tuesday, January 19, 2010

East Meet West Celery Sauce Elbows Macaroni with Fried Wantan (Fried Sui Kow, Chinese Dumplings)

I decided to cook my pasta differently which resulted in this recipe. Instead of using stuff like sausage, bacon or meatballs, I bought some fried wantan from the wantan mee (noodles) seller near my house as garnish for my Elbow Pasta. I love to cook using small size pasta because it would be easier for my little toddler to eat. Here is my East Meet West Celery Sauce Elbows Macaroni with Fried Wantan fusion recipe! Can add sambal belachan or chili padi if you want too! Ha ha ha!

Elbow Macaroni, boiled until soften, coat with butter

Celery, 2 stalks, and Tomato, 1pc blended
Tomato paste, 1 small tin
Chicken Meat, 250 gms, minced
Thyme, 1 teaspoon
Pepper, a dash
Onions, 1pc, chopped finely
Mozzarella Cheese, to taste
Salt to taste
Fried wantan recipe, please refer to my previous post, http://peteformation.blogspot.com/2008/09/simple-recipe-chicken-siew-mai-fried.html

Heat up pan and put in a little vegetable oil. Sautéed onions until fragrant. Add Chicken meat and stir fry for a short while. Put in the Celery, tomato, tomato paste, thyme, pepper, cheese and salt to taste. Add a little sugar if the sauce is too sour for you. Pour the sauce over the macaroni and garnish with fried wantan.


manglish said...

chop chop...am i the 1st commenter? hahahahaha....waaa wantan macaroni like this also let u think of one ar hahahaah sai lei sai lei hahahahahha

suituapui said...

Pasta...and wantan skin...same thing, more or less. Actually can fry like char kway teow, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Pasta's quite a versatile dish. You can add almost anything. Like noodles.

Kelvin said...

Looks nice :D But it will taste like macaroni with a side dish...is there a way to really blend their taste together?

AL said...

Hey that is something new, a taste of Italian with a touch of Chinese, might try cooking that one day. Thanks for sharing Pete.

smallkucing said...

*scratching head* like dat also can ah...*salute*

Christine said...

you're such a creative cook, looks delicious.

Bananazക said...

Italia Elbows mixed with tennis elbows plus Chinese fried "one ton" [wantan] sure gonna be heavy. lol

tuti said...

nice. i like macaroni fried like this. i am having a not too bad supper of ee mee. (must console mah)

Jouir la vie said...

Wow, your pictures make me hungry...
Servus and have a nice day

Chow and Chatter said...

love fusion recipes yum, thanks so much for visiting my blog Rebecca

Cheryl said...

You have great receipes!

[SK] said...

hahaha!! this is really very "fusion".. i am thinking maybe we could have spaghetti in bak-kut-teh soup next time?? haha~~ :p


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