Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Trip to a Famosa Resort, Melaka

I did not plan any overseas trip during the last school holidays. It is very taxing to bring a hyperactive 2 years old toddler overseas for a holiday. Therefore, we just booked a “Beverly Hills Condotel” room in A Famosa Resort for the whole family. It is suppose to be a relaxing trip for the family. We started our journey from KL early, so that we will be able to catch some of the animal shows. It took us around 1 hour 45 minutes drive from KL to A Famosa using the Alor Gajah, Tampin exit. We paid RM358 (USD 108) for a family Condotel room plus complimentary admission in to Safari Animal World and Cowboy Town for the Street Carnival. There are two double beds in the Condotel, a small kitchen (cooking not allowed), living area and dining area. A Famosa is a 520 hectare Integrated resort with facilities like 27 hole International Golf Green (beware, there are live crocodiles in Crocodile Nine pit), Water World, Animal World Safari, Cowboy Town (plus Street Carnival and parade), Horse Riding, Fishing, Bicycle & Chariots Rides, jungle tracking, kite flying, paintball and go-kart riding. There is plenty of accommodation available such as the Resort Hotel, D’Savoy Condotel, Villa D’Amour, Villa D’Faro, Villa D’Lagos and Beverly Hills Condotel. Here are random pictures of our trip.
First stop, Animal World Safari. We missed the Elephant show that starts at 10.15am. Next was the Multi Animal Show. An otter doing tricks and cat jumping over a fire rind. Rather entertaining and long show!
Poor orangutan, dressed up in swimming costume. Must be a female one. Malaysian Honey Bear on a scooter.
White rats on tight lines. Next, to the Bird Show venue (12 noon)
Raising the National Flag and a Seahawk.
Ducks.....I am thinking of having roast duck, stomach rumbling already! Graceful Flamingoes!
Lunch inside Animal Safari food court. Curry rice plus one can of softdrink cost me RM12 (USD3.60). Expensive and not nice at all. However, my kids said the Chicken rice is ok. Then after lunch, we took a boat to Monkey Island. Water seeps through the back portion of the boat. It is about time they do a schedule maintenance on the boat! My little boy feeding a monkey longbeans!
A peahen sunbathing in Monkey Island. Elephant rides, poor Patchyderms, have to work hard!
This is the Wild Wild West Cowboy show venue quiet before all hell broke loose.....firing of real gun with blanks start! Very loud, make sure you close your kids ears! Wonderful life show and stunts.
The Sheriff hero and his clownish assistant, Tonto!
Red Indian confronting a bad guy who kidnapped the Cute Indian Princess!
The muscular Red Indian warrior and the cast of the Wild Wild West show!
After the show, we walked around Animal Safari to have a look at the caged animals. An aligator and porcupine.
A monitor lizard, showing off.......and forever curious Raccoons!
Clever otter, hissing at me for taking a closeup shot and a cute little pony.
A deer with a horn growing in the wrong direction. A chubby Tapir (Tenuk)
This ostrich tried to attack me, I am standing too close to it. An Emu bird.
My little boy wanted to catch the cute little chicks at the Chicken House. An orange or maybe yellow beak crane....can't remember the actual name!
A boring job for the Tiger, posing for photograph with visitors. It is always yawning and sleeping!
Ahhhh, back into the room for a rest. The short kettle wire, so have to put above the fridge. The two double beds in our Condotel. Notice, my little boy 'bantal busuk' (smelly bolster)?, he can't sleep without it!
The dining area and the living area.
Evening already, off to Kopitiam in Cowboy Town to eat dinner. Fried rice, RM12, quite nice.
Fried Kueh Teow (RM12) with its' own very unique flavour. The very expensive RM5 chicken meat!
Xmas celebration lights in Cowboy town. Carts selling various food and stuff before the street carnival starts
Red Indian fire eaters got some of the guest to perform some funny rituals. Men on stilts.
Fire eaters showing off their skills. The Melaka beca (Trishaw)
Tiger, tiger, here comes the Year of the Tiger! Growwlllll. Nice Egyptian
Man with a camel and a decorated car
Damm ugly cross dresser with big boobs. I can see many ladies around me shaking their heads in disagreement. A cowboy with an Eagle or maybe a Falcon.
A female monkey in dress riding a pony and a cute dog performing stunts!
Spiderman body hairs growing out of control? Just an orang utan in Spiderman suits. Here comes the elephants!
Orang asli (natives) and Tweety son favourite TV character!
Tigger from Winnie the Pooh show. Notice the little fan that my son trying to pass to him? A pretty Country Folk dancer!
Red Indian Princess in the day and Cowgirl in the night!
Beca (trishaws) with pretty models inside. An aeroplace.....I don't think it can fly!
Santarina with artificial snow blowing all over the place. Here comes a Texas, Lone Star State cowboy!
The Street Carnival and Red Indian show ended with Fireworks display. My little cowboy terrorising Cowboy town!
The only complain I have is about the torn insect netting. Lots of dead insect in the wet kitchen area outside the condotel!
Contruction workers should be told to close this door when they are working on the fourth floor. Kids might try to go and have a look!
Before driving back to KL, I drove down to Tampin town to check out whether there is any nice hawker food. Can't find any restaurants with hawkers fare. Found this nice Toaist temple by the road leading to town. Dropped by to pay respect and took some pictures.


tuti said...

thinking of roast duck when you saw the ducks ah? no fried flamingo in your thoughts ah? so unfair wor. :P
(why so late you not yet zz?) lol. thinking of roast duck ah? hahah

kenwooi said...

my family have been there before..
but i didnt follow.. =P

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful trip! It sure looks like your days were very busy and fun-filled! Your little one is so cute!

Cleffairy said...

@LoL-ed hard at Tuti's comment. Ahahahaha....

Eiii, Pete... your little boy so big oredi lah... last time still just a baby!!! So cute now! Nottie anot?

reanaclaire said...

i went there 3 years ago.. my kids enjoyed being there too.esp the night procession, something new to us then... :)

Merryn said...

Now you guys put me to shame. I'm a Malaccan and have yet to set foot there! Yikes.. must make effort to drop by there someday... Cleffairy, wat say you? Wanna tag along? :D

tuti said...

*nudge at cleffairy*
ya mah, pete so unfair distribution of food intake wan. :P

suituapui said...

Went there many years ago when it 1st opened - first nit ein apartment - all ok. 2nd nite in hotel...and when it rained, the water came pouring into the room - complained but staff did not care at all. Whole nite did not sleep! Don't think will ever go again!

wenn said...

i had been there once when it was newly opened. wow, u had a nice stay there!

Chef Matt and Megs said...

Just want to let you know, that I like your blog so much that I put a link back to it from my site. Speaking of which, I have a new look, tittle, and address. Please check it out at:

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Look like you and your family have a wonderful trip.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I will definitely go there if i visit Melacca.

smallkucing said...

Wow...what a terrific trip. :) where else next?

manglish said...

i agree with cheryl wat a wonderful trip haha and btw i ate a bowl of maggie mee oso tat night hahaahaha

[SK] said...

was that a 3D2N or 2D1N package?? i have not been there.. but looking at photos, it's more suitable for family trip with kids.. and the food, i can say they are expensive!! taking every opportunity of the guests there huh??

Pete said...

Tuti : Ha ha fried Flamingoes...good to chew on the roasted long legs....LOL! yum yum....he he he!

Kenwooi : The place more for children unless you play golf.

Cheryl : Thks, it is a nice place to keep kids busy!

Cleff : Very active and cheeky too...hard to keep up with him!

claire : A good place for family outing!

Merryn : ha ha, it is always like that. Some places in my hometown in Penang, I haven't been there also, LOL!

STP : Wah, rain pouring in $$$$ buy toto sure get first prize!
I guess the maintenance team there is not very competent!

Wenn : Wah, that time everything brand new leh!

Chef Matt and Meg : Thks, I will check it out!

Sonia : Good short holiday! LOL!

Willie : Kids would love this place.

Smallkucing : Thought of Redang next! LOL!

Manglish : Ha ha, another maggi mee fan! LOL!

SK : 2D1N, agree more for family with kids. Food rather expensive!

xin said...

LOL @ the orang utan! how come got boobs also?!

mNhL said...

Interesting. I remembered I went there 4 years ago but nothing much to see except the night parade with fireworks. The animal shows sound interesting.

Ayie said...

well at least they have something to save your hunger pangs during lunch, I actually miss eating curry

looks like a fun trip for the family!

Anonymous said...

The photos of chained primates, bears, tigers and elephants are so sad and horrible. They should be in the wild forests of Asia - not dressed in costumes or chained up for our amusement. This made me very upset. {:([)


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