Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coffee Shop Talk with my American Friend about the Sighting of Pontianak (Ghost) in Kuala Ibai, Terengganu

........... As usual, I have my morning caffeine shot at Ah Lian Kopitiam with my American Friend. John, who was reading the morning newspaper suddenly stopped and says.....

John : Do you think Pontianak (Lady ghost who died at childbirth) really exist, Pete? It was reported here that there were sightings of a lady in white apparition at Kuala Ibai.

Me : Well, if we look at it through scientific point of view, the apparition might be caused by disturbance of electromagnetic force, imbalances of ions especially around big trees and maybe interaction between the moonlight with layers of hot/cold air.

John : So, you don’t believe in ghost?

Suddenly, Ah Lian interrupted our conversation.......

Ah Lian : Wei, ghost do really exist, you know! I have met a pontianak before! That time I was dating Ah Too. We were sitting in a park near Kampung Chempaka when we saw a woman with bloodshot eyes, long teeth and long black hair squatting on the tree above us.

Me : Wah lau leh! Tell us more lah!

So, here is Ah Lian story... Not long ago........in a park near Kampung Chempaka.....

Ah Lian : Hey, Ah Too did you see the ‘thing’ on that tree?

Ah Too : Eeeeeeeeiiiik, pontianak lah! Just now my ‘thing’ standing, now ‘kecut’ (shrink) already!

Ah Lian : What are we going to do? She is flying towards us now! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Pontianank : Woi, why are both of you shouting so loud?

Ah Lian : Wah, you can talk ah! We scared mah!

Pontianak : Why so scared? I am not going to hurt you all!

Ah Too : But but but......I heard that pontianak like to suck people blood. Don’t suck my blood! I am already ‘San kiu kiu’ (skinny in Hokkien)!

Pontianak : Aiya, both of you already out of date. Nowadays, pontianak don’t suck blood anymore. So many people have HIV (AIDs), dangerous lah! Like your boyfriend here, always visit the ‘Chicken House’ (whore house) in Pudu, I ‘takut’(scared) to suck his blood! It is safer to order synthetic blood online, from HellBay and pay with HellPal!

Ah Lian : Ahhhhh Toooo, I will deal with you later! Wah, like that also can ar? Your world also so advance ah? What are you doing up the tree? Are you peeping on dating couples like us?

Pontianak : No lah, I am running away from a bunch of crazy people who is trying to capture me in video, so they can become rich. They are using all sorts of magnetic wave detectors to find me! Crazy! Nothing better to do!

Ah Lian : Aiya, die already also so charm (pitiful)!

Pontainak : So, next time you see a ghost, you should not be afraid. All we do is scare people with our looks! Human beings are more dangerous, so manipulative and many are opportunist as well!

Ah Lian : Agree lorr! But if capture on film, you will be famous leh!

Pontianak : Not tonight lah, I forgot to make up! Then, all of us laughed out damm loud. Ah Lian’s story really made our day!

Copyright of Peteformation.

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reanaclaire said...

pete.. your own original story?? hehhee.. pandai cerita la u..

Pete said...

Original from Peteformation Production House....he he he!

suituapui said...

Yalor...sometimes humans more dangerous than hantus!!!

Moonaroo said...

It sounds like you should have been there to film it or at least stage the story. It is a good one.

mNhL said...

Haha...never thought of it hor. Hmm...exactly, human is more dangerous than ghost.

Annie Q said...

hahahahhahahha...this is funny!

tuti said...

*piak own head*

was bracing myself cos thought very scary story mah. cheh!
*boing pete's head instead!!*

Cath J said...

menyesal baca.. now I am scared... ;-p

Xjion89 said...

hmmmmm, well, like Chinese saying, rather believe than not~~~

smallkucing said...

LOL...a hillarious tale :D

tuti said...

xjion89's avatar frightened me more than your post, haha. :P

manglish said...

hahhahahaahahahahahhahhah.............i am intrigued and want to meet ah lian...haahhaaahhahha

xin said...

LOL @ forgot to make up!!! hahahahaha. but but, the singapore ghost stories make potianak really real and scary =/

Anonymous said...

Agreed wholeheartedly with STP's statement. Human are much more dangerous than ghosts.

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umihoney said...

rofl..love this story..lawak gila..man with many talent is our Pete.Take care my friend.


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