Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pete Simple Yam Rice Recipe

Hi Everyone. Happy New Year! This is my first post for year 2010. The year 2009 end holiday’s season was both hectic and also meaningful for me. I had tons of visitors visiting my home for the last few weeks which left me with very little time to update my blog. I would like to start off 2010 with this simple yam rice recipe which I cooked for my family a few weeks ago. This is the first time I try to cook yam rice. It turns out quite good and my kids love it!

Yam, 1 small, diced
Shallots, 5 pcs, cut into slices and fried until golden brown
Dried Prawns, 2 table spoons,
Soya Sauce, 1 table spoon
Black soya sauce, ½ teaspoon
Salt to taste
Spring Onions, 3 stalks, cut into small pieces for garnishing
Rice, 2 small cups
Char Siew (optional), cut into small pieces
Oyster Sauce, 1 table spoon (optional)

Use a little of the leftover oil from the fried shallots to sautéed the dried prawns and yam until fragrant. Add in the washed rice, salt to taste, oyster sauce, dark soya sauce and light soya sauce. Fry until the mixture has nice aroma. Put the fried rice into a rice cooker and add water. Set it to rice cooking mode. Garnish the yam rice with spring onions and fried shallots. I boiled some Shanghai vegetable soup to go with the yam rice. The sour and slightly spicy Shanghai vegetable soup complements the rich yam rice taste.


Cleffairy said...

Wahhhhhhh.... my papa Pete come back liao. *GRINZ* Welcome back, Pete, and have a happy new yaaaaaa. yam rice? first time I heard of it. Looks nice lerr... =D

I was talking to my husband about you last nite. Been wondering why you haven't been posting anything. LOL... and I have been contemplating to ask Calvin to check on you.... ahahaha...haiyorr... give me your contact la, Pete, next time, you lesap-ed d, i wun so worry!

CheaHS@n said...

I was about to go make a polis report about a missing foodie blogger but first check your blog before I do so. Lucky I saw something 'new'. Welcome back so busy making ton$ of making and close 2009 with a big bang!. Cheers!

tuti said...

yam rice!! food food food. you don't post i nothing to eat mah. :P
happy new year, pete.
to more good food and recipes!

Christine said...

Happy New Year, Pete. I'll try any recipe that says 'simple', thanks.

reanaclaire said...

wah..i tot of reporting to Police already :) nasib baik u reappeared today.. i think many of us miss u.. hahhaa... anyway, a Happy Belated New Year wish to u and family!!
btw, i love anything that is cooked with yam! Anything!

suituapui said...

Never eaten anything like this before...but it certainly looks nice. Ya...where have you been all this time? In police lockup or what? What did you do? LOL!!!

Mei Teng said...

Happy New Year Pete! :)

Yam is a fav food of mine.

My Little Things Corner said...

Happy New Year, Pete.
Yam fried rice, simple and nice.

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Hello Pete , Happy 2010.... I love yam rice... any more left ?

smallkucing said...

Happy New Year, Pete.

Glad to have you back :)

Bananazക said...

Pete happy to see you back again oh 'yammy' rice. Xiexie

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you.
I love this simple yam rice too.

manglish said...

will definitely try this weekend hehehehe

Cheryl said...

Sounds delicious! Happy New Year to you!

mNhL said...

Happy new year Pete. End of 2009 was also busy for me...so I've also been missing from the blogging scene. hehe... and this yam rice looks delicious. Should intro my mum to read your blog so she could cook for us! heheh..

xin said...

hey u know what? i love it when my mom cooks long bean rice, process is pretty similar, but instead of yam, its long bean :D

[SK] said...

wow, that looks tasty leh!! i love yam rice a lot!! hmmm, maybe next time you should also take photos of the steps, easier for us to learn.. :)

Annie Q said...

Happy New Year Pete.

The yam rice look good and i love that Spicy Shanghai vegetable soup.

fufu said...

i dont really like yam but... nian gao with yam is my favourite :)

Ayie said...

i can go for this just to try


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