Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Day Trip To The Historical City of Melaka

My sister and her family came down to KL to visit me during the school holiday. She wanted to bring my niece to Melaka. Since I know some of the places in Melaka, I decide to accompany them there. My little daughter tagged along. She wanted to visit the place where they filmed the famous The Little Nyonya series. Being a Nyonya descendent, she also wanted to see how Baba and Nyonya (Straits born Chinese) house looks like. When I reached the Nyonya Heritage Museum, it felt like I am back to my old house when my old Grandma was alive. My Grandma being a Nyonya descendent wears sarong and Nyonya kebaya. The design of my old house was almost the same as this museum but mine was a single storey house. We have a courtyard which allows the rain and sun in, a well, same doors and fence design. Unfortunately this Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum does not allow visitor to take photos. What a let down! Here are random photos of our trip! We parked our car at the parking lot in front of Menara Taming Sari. Remember to buy a parking display ticket. You have to pay for parking even on Sunday or public holiday! We bought a RM5 whole day parking ticket. The famous Gryo Tower thrill ride at the compound of Menara Taming Sari The Duck Tours starts from Menara Taming Sari parking lot! However we did not follow this tour. Boat at the compound of Malaysian Naval Museum (Muzium Tentera Laut Di Raja Malaysia) The replica of the old Portugese Galleon, Flora De La Mar Photo of Melaka River behind the Flora De La Mar. Exhibits inside the Flora De La Mar Galleon Melaka is famous for its' beca (trishaw). The second picture is the famous Stadhuys.
I didn't know that there is a Democracy Museum at the back of Stadhuys near St Paul Church ruins. Picture taken from a high ground on the way to St. Paul Church ruins. Can you see The Eye of Malaysia Ferris Wheel and also the Gryo tower? Great view from here!
St Paul Church ruins. I have to carry my daughter on piggy back down this hill because her sandal strap broke. Luckily, we found a shop selling leather sandal at the foothill along Stadhuys.
One of the tombstones inside St Paul Church. A marbale slab translating the words inscribed on the tombstone to English. Unfortunately, not well maintained by the authorities and I cannot see some of the words.
The well inside the St Paul Church. The clocktower outside Stadhuys.
Nice little windmill accross the road from Stadhuys
All the chicken rice balls restaurant were packed with tourist. Just look at the queue! We decided to eat elsewhere!
It has been ages since I last seen this type of hard sugar candy. We called it Khong Theng or tok tok theng, after the tok tok sound made by the metal chisel and hammer used to knock the hard candy into pieces!
The Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum, where they filmed the famous Singapore series, The Little Nyonya staring Janette Aw. However I was rather disapointed because visitors are not allowed to take pictures of the exhibits!
A small fort facing the Melaka river.
Do you know where I took this photo of a water wheels?
Then it was time for lunch. We dropped by in Ly Sing Restaurant which is a corner shop at Plaza Mahkota row of shoplots along Jalan PM2. Ly Sing is located just right at the junction of Jalan PM1 and Jalan PM2, opposite the Menara Taming Sari (Gyro Tower rides). GPS Latitude 2.190348,Longitude 102.246537.
My daugher had the Fish Ball Kueh Teow soup. I tasted it, nice!
Szechuan Chicken with Rice RM4.80 and Ginger Spring Onion Fish with rice RM4.80
My BBQ Chicken chop, which cost only RM6.50. I washed down my nice lunch with a glass of famous Melaka Sin Sing Iced Coffee (Kopi Peng) RM1.40. The picture of the corner Ly Sing restaurant.
Then, the morning before my sister goes back to Penang, I roasted a Xmas Roast Chicken for her to take back for my Mom and Dad. They are too old to travel and celebrate Xmas with us in KL. My mom used to tell me when I was a young boy, how she misses eating Xmas Roast Turkey. Well, I guess instead of using a turkey which would require a long time for me to prepare, a Xmas roast chicken would do! LOL!


Cheryl said...

How wonderful of you to do the Xmas Roast Chicken for your parents, I bet they were delighted.
What a wonderful day it looks like you had with your family, so many interesting sights!

reanaclaire said...

good morning Pete.. so u went to Malacca.. i last went there in 2008for my colleague's wedding.. that time the Little Nyonya not shown yet otherwise i would have went in too.. yes, i heard they dont allow photographing, it is a private museum..

Anonymous said...

Malacca is a great place for a short holiday. The food's great too. Did you try the Nyonya laksa and cendol at Jonker Street Dessert? Very good! :)

[SK] said...

Gyro Tower?? is this something new?? i have not heard about it before leh..

oh, you didn't go to eat the famous chicken rice, indeed you had something else.. and cool, you roasted a chicken for xmas, wow!! :p

manglish said...

i actually prefer chicken than turkey. turkey is so dry hahahaahaha

My Little Things Corner said...

wow, is a wonderful day!

wenn said...

wow, lovely trip and such n interesting one! wonder how u roast the chicken..looks delicious!

Christine said...

looks like a lovely trip and complete with great food photos at the end. Funny you had to go shopping for sandals for your daughter in the middle of sightseeing. Never a dull moment.

Donna said...

got eat satay celup or not? ahaha..

xin said...

so sweet of you to bake roast the chicken for your parents! and oh u are a baba too?

Annie Q said...

Melaka change so much, i last went there i think is 4-5 years ago? That Gryo Tower and the duck tours also something new to me.

I love that hard sugar candy, we called it "ding ding" candy. Can find it in some morning market.

Anonymous said...

I'm like manglish... I dun like turkey too... too hard, and too dry. Not nice to eat... it's just like eating chicken breast, and only suitable for sandwich! Where got nice to eat?

lechua said...

tx for sharing photos of malacca.. always liked the place... the food, and the portugese and babanyonya influence there.


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