Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wing Chun Ip Man 2 Exhibition at 1U -Toddler Day Out

Mommy said I am too active and was disturbing my kor kor (elder brother) and che che (elder sister) studying during the weekend. Daddy is a fan of Martial Arts, so I get to tag along with him when he went over to IU (One Utama) shopping complex to see a Wing Chun ( 詠春) demonstration in conjuction with the release of Ip Man 2 (Bruce Lee's sifu) movie.

Wah, the lion head so big, how to perform lion dance with such a big heavy head! Must attain a high level of kung fu before can carry this lion head!

Wing Chun demonstration by local students. Wah, like dancing Cha Cha Cha lah! ha ha ha

Opps, a lethal strike.......ouch!

A Wing Chun Master from Hong Kong demonstrating the famous Chi Sao (黐手, not chi sau the pork leg that we eat ah!) or better known in English as "sticking hands" techniques.

Aiiiik, got Muk Yan Jong(木人樁, wooden dummy) on the stage. I wanna give it a try!

Opps, I am too short. Can only reach the wooden leg.

Never mind lah, I can climb also, like the che che (elder sister) next to me! LOL!

Then, we met up with 3 Kor (3rd Auntie) for dim sum lunch at Canton I.........to be continued...


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Your kids is so cute... hehe...

reanaclaire said...

i havent seen this show yet.. IP man, heard it was really good.. the other day tickets all sold out!

CheaHS@n said...

Hello foodie blogger sleep makan mandi makan tidur also makan even IP Man2 also makan [Chi Sao (黐手, not chi sau the pork leg] haha. Wah your 'Korean' son so active think too much ginseng in him..hehe. So he is like you, die hard fan of Bruce Lee?

Angie's Recipes said...

Don't know about the show...your kids had so much fun of it.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the movie?

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

hhahahaha!! nice movie de. ur son watchd dy ah?

Merryn said...

ur anak is so cute leh! :D

smallkucing said...

Little shaolin master ah? wei..botak head him la :p

suituapui said...

Wah...kesian the little boy, everytime gets kicked out of the house. Papa aka Bruce Lee did not show him a few steps kah? Hahahaha!!!!

Garfield said...

the lion head is actually very light only.
when i still form 3 that time, i already can carry it up and perform the lion dancing already.

if u have chance to carry it up urself, u will also say it is very light only 1

manglish said...

i watched liao hahahah very good....

Bananazஇ said...

Training at a young age, the next Bruce Lim in the making???haha tQ.

foongpc said...

Cute!! I have yet to watch Ip Man 2. Instead went to watch the lousy Iron Man 2. Haha!

tuti said...

aikk. half way story wan. potong stim. :P

Ann said...

My Ah Kung used to take my bro H who is a twin to watch all the Bruce Lee movies. the girl twin didn't get to go. Ah Kung says girls not allowed. (Mind you, it was in the early 70s.) H comes home and stars kicking and YEE AH.

My Class boys cried when Bruce Lee died.

I only watched Bruce Lee as a middle aged woman wondering what Bruce Lee is about. I also now watch Jackie Chan on TV now.

Mommy Ling said...

I was there too..how come didnt see u...ahahha

[SK] said...

oh, when's the exhibition?? i was there last weekend, but what i saw was only the cheer-leading contest..

Alice Law said...

Oh dear, I reckon that's a good chance to instill martial art in your children! Good experience for them! Look at your boy, he really has muscular biceps! Fuyoo!!!

Have a nice day ahead!

Pete said...

Sharon : thks

Claire : I will wait until no so hot then easy to buy tickets...LOL!

Bro Cheah : Ha ha, Ginseng power!

Angie : Nice kung fu show

Mei Teng : Not yet leh.

Caroline : Only Ip Man 1, IPman 2 not yet

Merryn : Thks

smallkucing : Hair longer.....handsome leh..ha ha ha!

STP : Very active, kacau everyone....LOL!

Garfield : The one in 1U is a replica....around 2 metres in diameter....quite big

manglish : Wah, so fast!

Bananaz : ha ha, hope so, LOL!

Foongpc : Hah ha, no wonder your photo also like Iron man lah! LOL!

Tuti : Wah, late already, have to stop writing...to be continued! LOL!

Ann :Wah, old days, so strict leh, girls don't get to do lots of things!

Mommy Ling : aiya, lots of hunk on the stage lah.....you won't notice me wan lah! ha hah a!

SK : ha ha ha, 2 weeks ago

Alice : ha ha, biceps....he likes to post like bodybuilder when I ask him to do it! LOL!


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