Monday, March 7, 2011

Guinness St Patrick’s Merry Me Cheers at Sid’s Pub

After the GAB St Patrick’s Celebration media launch, the "Merry Me" party continues on to Sid’s Pub in Damansara Heights. The first Sid’s Pub opened in 2007 and this Damansara Heights outlet is the latest addition to their series of friendly neighbourhood pubs. I have been away from the pubs scene after I left engineering but looks like I am back again this month! Watch out…..Pete is back! LOL!

The place was already packed with patrons when I arrived around 7.30pm. We kicked off the night’s party with a pint of cool and smooth Guinness Draught. “Ol, ceol and craic” (Irish saying for a great pint, good music and wonderful fun). Ok, Let’ roll!

We had Pigs in Blankets (RM16, USD4.80) as starters. I think it is a rather cute name for a dish. Pigs in Blankets are fried sausages wrapped with bacon. The chubby sausages and slightly crisp bacon aroma filled the air when the dish was placed on our table. I love the savoury taste and succulent sausages! We ate two plates of Pigs in Blankets! A good start for us to down more Guinness Draught! Ha ha ha!

Blue cheese has blue spots because of the cultured mold Pennicillium in it. Due to this, blue cheese has distinct smell, sharp taste and a little salty. That explains well the unique taste of this Blue Cheese Mushroom (RM14, USD4.20) and it goes along well with the toast.

Tuna Nicoise (French word, RM14, USD4.20) is actually a salad dish. Love the crunchy and fresh lettuce inside it!

I love the Shepherd’s Pie presentation. Sid’s Shepherd Pie (RM24, USD7.30) uses slices of potato as the upper crust instead of the usual mashed potatoes. Take a piece and pour the sauce over it; mmmmm, yummy!

Fancy having a breakfast treat at anytime you wanted to? Greasy Caff All Day Breakfast platter (RM28, USD8.50) is available throughout the day at Sid’s Pubs. This wholesome meal consists of sautéed mushroom, back bacon, sausage, toast, baked beans and potato fries. Greasy Caff All Day Breakfast is a very filling and satisfying dish because I like everything inside it!

Ben Nevis in Scottish Gaelic, a language native to Scotland is the name of the highest mountain in the United Kingdom. As per its’ namesake, Sid’s Pubs Ben Nevis Burger (RM28, USD8.58) is really huge! Frank told us that anyone who could finish three of these pork burgers at one go gets free flow of drinks for the night. Ask Frank for details if you wish to take up the challenge! The pork based burger patties are very delicious, which explains why Sid’s Pubs sell 1200 plates of Ben Nevis Burger every month.

I was very eager to try the tempting Cod and Chips (RM32, USD9.70) and forgot that I only took one photo shot of it which happened to be a little blurred. Need another round of Guinness@ to make my hand steady! LOL! The crispy batter coated fish is very fresh and tasty.

He he he, time for dessert! The chocolate Fudge Brownie (RM12, USD3.60) is smooth and has the right sweetness to complement the ice cream that tops it.

Final dessert for the night was the Bread and Butter Pudding (RM10, USD3). It has a good combination of flavours with a tinge of sourish taste.

Friendly Mr Bubu is always ready to serve you! TQ!

Wanna party? Come to Sid’s Pub Bukit Tunku on 20th March 2010, Sunday for their outdoor Guinness St Patrick’s Celebration. It starts at 1pm (yes, 1 pm!) and there will be Happy Hour all day long!

Sid's Pubs addresses and contact numbers. For map please refer to Sid’s Pub website

1800-88-SIDS (7437)

Sid’s Pub @ Plaza Damansara, 10-G Jalan Setia Medan 2, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur 50490, Tel: +603 2094 SIDS (7437) Sid's Pub @ Bukit Tunku, H2, Taman Tunku, off Lorong Langkat Tunku, Kuala Lumpur 50480, Tel: +603 6205 2588; Sid's Pubs Sdn Bhd @ HQ, 6B Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 60000, Malaysia, Tel: +603 7726 6832; Fax: +603 7726 6437 Sid's Pub @ TTDI, 34 Lrg Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 60000, Tel: +603 7727 SIDS (7437); Sid's Pub @ Bangsar South, M-5A, The Village, Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur 59200, Tel: +603 2287 SIDS (7437);


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Wow! You're turning into a kaki botol kah? But oooooo....the food looks good! Must KIV for my next trip to KL. You treat, can? LOL!!!

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the pork burger is really tall!!! wowwy!!! :)

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Pigs in Blankets looks really ugly :p

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