Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coffee Shop Talk with My American Friend - Queen Termite as Aphrodisiac - Make Man King in Bed

Coffeeshop talk continues at Ah Lian's Kopitiam......

John : Yo yo yo, look at this newspapers article. It says that, eating termite queen can make men king in bed. Can last for few hours straight! Better than the blue pill. ha ha ha!

Pete : Ya, John, Asians believe in many types of food that have aprodisiac properties.

John : It has to be eaten live.......yucks!

Pete : They say it is more effective that way!

John : Mmmmmm, I wonder how it taste like and the effect is real or not?

Ah Lian : Hiya, John 'laling' (darling), I don't think you need that, or do you?

John : Of course not, mine is fully functional! he he he! Hey, where is Ah Beng! Didn't see him around this morning.

Ah Lian : You don't know meh? After reading the termite aphrodisiac properties in the newspaper, he went out hunting for termite queen in some old abandoned wooden house. Ah Kow was with him. Then ahhhh, when he tried to retrieve the termite queen, a swarm of army termite attacked him. Some crawled into his pants and bit him right at that 'place'.

John : Is he allright?

Ah Lian : He is in the hospital right now. His 'thing' is now swollen.  Heard from Ah Kow, it is 3Xs the original size. He got what he asked for lah! Now he can last for a few days! ha ha ha!

John : Poor  Beng, lets go visit him during lunch time ok, Pete?

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Jeannie said...

haa..I just read that from the star just now:D Malaysian MEN are so kiasu lol!

Merryn said...

LMAO! hahahhaha... poor thing!

Yvonne said...

LOL!! Funny couple Ah Lian and Ah Beng.

suituapui said...

So you eat a lot of termites then? LOL!!!

Ann said...

Many years ago, enterprising Malaysian bring bus loads of Singapore men to the SAN BA of johore to look for ant hills.


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